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The Quotable T.

While searching the Queer Resources Directory for the Queer Songs List (soon to become a playlist on my iPod and maybe an iMix on iTunes) I compiled in college, I found this list of quotations that actually included a couple from me. Apparently, I wrote them in college, but I’d forgotten about them since then. The first one was apparently written before my first gay pride parade in Atlanta.

Not long ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about militancy. Since I’ve been labeled as “militant” from time to time, I thought long and hard about what it meant. Here’s what I found.

In a society that says to you at every turn “You are nothing,” it is militant to say “No. I am something.” This is the foundation of resistance; perhaps resistance in its simplest form, and is the beginning of affirming your life. I will be thinking of this, as I walk down Peachtree on Sunday, surrounded by 50,000+ of my sisters and brothers: that simply standing in the sun and being who I am is my act of resistance, and my act of joy.

— Terrance Heath

[On interacial dating:] If you’re happy, then let the rest of the world go merrily to Hell … there ain’t no guarantee you can get the same thing in another color.

— Terrance Heath

It’s kinda weird to be considered “quotable,” especially anything I wrote back then. But it’s interesting to see what I had to say so long ago…


  1. Thanks for the shout out on the QRD, T! I’m glad it’s still useful.