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How Evil Are You

It may be the height of lazy blogging, but here’s one more meme.

How evil are you?

I’m almost disappointed. I thought I’d turn out to be at least a little evil. (Maybe the problem is that I don’t often get caught at it…)


  1. crap, I’m ‘angelic’

    which translated means obnoxious and boring 😀 (no comments!)

    (btw, my web site was maliciously hacked. It’s dead to the world. Luckily I have a blog entry backup, but every thing else.. template, scripts, other pages, etc… is gone. They put up a very malicious anti-gay slur on the front page and then started using the scripts to DOS bomb other sites… the host says they seemed to be attacking other gay-related sites, but I don’t notice anything down in my ‘neighborhood’. Needless to say, my host shut my site down.

    I’ll have to find another host and reconfigure the entire blog.

    I have a few choice, very non-angelic words for those hackers… 🙂


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  3. Trey:

    Tell the authorities. A little hate-crime prosecution might slow the little shits down. I have a spiritual mentor who once said about a similar situation “I didn’t get mad. I just told them that in this type of circumstance, it is my policy to sue.”

  4. Ditto Lorin. If you have their IP number, contact their ISP and any other legal authorities, and go medieval on their asses to the fullest extent possible.

  5. I’m Angelic….

    This test is screwed up. Maybe I was angelic the first day of my life but I quickly went down hill from there.

  6. I got twisted and Evil. (I had two answers for two questions, so I did all four combinations.) I consider myself inbetween but maybe towards the twisted a little because I am creatively evil but not cruel.

  7. But some of the questions had nothing to do with how evil you are…
    These people asume that if you like comedy you aren’t evil. You have to put horror to be evil. They are dumb and have no creativity. But I do agree with my result’s description of twisted