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Mama Mia!

So, we had a kind of queer family “Hallmark moment” last night, that I thought I’d share. The hubby was sitting on the floor playing with Parker, when Parker suddenly exclaimed “Mama mia!” (Given that he has two gay dads, you might be able to guess where this is going. If not, read on.)

I’m not sure where Parker picked that up, but think there’s a character in one of his favorite shows (my guess is Mr. Sabatini, from Bob the Builder), but the next thing I know, the hubby exclaims “Hey Parker, did you know there’s a “Mama Mia” song? Maybe Daddy can play it!”

What more needed to be said? Can you guess what happened next?

That’s right. I dashed to the computer, fired up iTunes, and soon we were all dancing and singing to… Well, you get the picture.

And thus was our son introduced to Abba. And he liked it! (And I remembered how much I enjoy singing and improvising harmony. Note to self: Need to do something musical.) I’ve been told he wants “the ‘Mama Mia’ song” again tonight…


  1. That is completely, awesomely hilarious! I’m glad you shared it with us.

  2. I loved this post!

    I loved that song and that movie too! I played the YouTube clip in its entirety grinning every minute (mouthing the words and snapping my fingers at each chorus).

    Great post! Thank you!


  3. First time I’ve been exposed to it myself! REALLY GOOD! I love Abba now!

  4. How about joining the Washington DC Lesbian and Gay Chorus??

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