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Soya So Gay

So, I don't really have much to say about the latest bit of wingnutia to hit the blogs; namely, the notion that too much tofu can make you gay. Two reasons. One, I kinda covered it last year, when I spotted it on the LIA/R website. Two, I was gay long before I was a vegetarian, and never touched tofu until I was in college. The site LIA/R linked to is no longer live, but here it is as I saw it, via the Wayback machine, and  "The Debate" about soy and homosexuality. My advice? If you want to worry about food, worry about factory farming, food regulations, working conditions, and what's going to to give your kid e.coli.


  1. Maybe it is the fundamentalist Christian milk and cattle lobby that is stirring up all thes anti-soy “studies”. I imagine with all the soy products consumed in China and Japan (and not just the fermented one which have been deemed okay), those countries must contain treasure troves of gay men.

    I say, forget the cow’s milk, and try an alternative, soy, almond, rice, garbanzo, whatever. It takes over 900 liters of water to produce a singer liter of cow’s milk. Surely veggie milks besides being crap for the body (don’t believe the dairy industry’s lies)

    Okay, now I am all wound up. The two issues I am most passionate about–opppressions of gays and veganism collide. Will I ever get to sleep tonight???

  2. i grew up eating tofu. while this helped me appreciate show tunes, i ended up hetero, sadly.

  3. For what it’s worth, I can also attest from personal experience that the columnist’s data on “soy & penis size” is wrong. 😉