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Stick That Yellow Ribbon…

I haven’t written about Iraq nearly as much as I did when I first started writing this blog. Maybe it’s because, as one who opposed the war from the start, I’m not sure what’s left to say now that most of the worst predictions made by those of us who opposed the war have come true, and a lot more people have come to think it was a bad idea.

But, it’s the top news story of 2006, and probably one of the reasons the Democrats took Congress in this last election. A number of Americans may have followed Bush and the GOP to the edge of a cliff after 9/11, but many of them have decided they don’t want to follow them over the edge. After all, U.S. troop losses are at 2,955 now, and that means the 3,000 mark isn’t far off. Even Bush says we should expect more loses, while simultaneously calling for a troop increase. Meanwhile, soldier suicides in Iraq are up.

You don’t hear the usual line about “supporting the troops” as much as you used to a few years ago, when accusations of “not supporting the troops” were likely to be hurled at anyone who was even slightly critical of the war in Iraq. And the question “Do you support the troops?” was right up there with “Do you still beat your wife?”, because a “yes” answer would get you labeled a liar if you happened to oppose the war and a “no” answer was obviously out of the question.

The thing is, I never figured out what people mean by “supporting the troops” beyond waving the flag and sticking a yellow ribbon on my car. (I guess the idea is that you can’t oppose the was and “support the troops.”) This video doesn’t exactly answer that question, but it makes a point, in a amusing way. Oh, and it’s definitely Not Safe For Work (NSFW), unless you have some earphones handy.