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The Kid

I mentioned Parker in the previous post, so now it seems appropriate to share his most recent school picture.


Have I mentioned before that at least once a day I look at my son and feel an indescribable sense of wonder? Yeah. I do.


  1. He is a cute kid!

    I know that feeling of wonder, it is indescribable.

  2. I know that feeling, too. It’s almost as if I was put on this earth, just so I could have the gift of my son’s presence in my life.

  3. Awesome. Isn’t being a dad the best?

  4. Very cute. He’s looking like quite the little man in that outfit. My son’s just a little younger–three and a half–and I think it’s the most brilliant age. Old enough to express imagination and opinions, but young enough that everything comes out uncensored, straight from the heart. Awesome.

  5. So adorable!

    Best to your whole family for the holidays!