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A Lazy Blogger’s Year in Review

As the clock ticks down on the holiday, the blogosphere is getting less and less busy. I guess people are pushing themselves away from their keyboards spending some time with their families. And I think it’s a good idea for me to do the same. So, from now until the 27th, I’m taking a break from blogging. Or I’m going to try to, anyway.

Before I go, it seems like I should try wrapping up the year somehow. But, knowing me, if I tried it I’d probably still be writing the post when the 27th rolls around. So instead here’s a meme I picked up from several different blogs:

Instructions: Record the first sentence of the first blog post of every month this year.

Since I had a database crash in May, and had to move all my old content to a subdomain, some of what you’ll see will be over there instead. (Also, there are two posts for May, as a result.)

But here goes.

January: Apparently, that’s what I am. Lazy and lustful (in my heart, like Jimmy Carter).

February: I purposely didn’t watch the SOTU last night.

March: I’ve had blogads on this site for a while now and, besides my own obsessive nature, they’re part of what helps keep this blog going (in terms of paying for hosting, etc.).

April: Man the hits just keep on coming.

May: After yesterday’s blog disaster — during which more than 5,000 people visited here after searching Yahoo! for “zac efron shirtless,” which may have driven my database to commit hara-kari — I think I’ve just about recovered.

May: Maybe I’m a hardass, but it doesn’t mean much to me that a criminal will be “tormented for the rest of his life” by his crimes (or at least by the fact that he got caught).

June: Politics has always been confusing business, rife with contradictions, but lately — when it comes to the Democratic party and policies that impact gay & lesbian families — it’s starting to turn me into something of a dizzy queen.

July: With so much to do yesterday I didn’t get around to doing a random ten.

August: I was to busy yesterday to post about Dan Savages New York Times op-ed as I intended.

September: It’s Friday again, and with another three-day weekend looming on the horizon, there’s a good chance most people are on their way to their holiday destinations instead of sitting in front of a computer, reading blogs.

October: Gosh I hate it when that happens.

November: This is beautiful.

December: There’s a t-shirt in my closet at home, black with white lettering, that bears the words above.

And with that, whatever you’re doing at this time of year, make it a time to spend with the people you love and to celebrate what you have.

Be safe. Be good to each other.


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