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Outing Gay Geeks?

No, not me. I don’t have any dish on anybody, and I’m far too out to be outed myself. But I am kinda curious about who on this list has been flirting with this guy.

Two married? Three big time tech bloggers? I can’t even hazard a guess.

On another note, I’ve been blogging for three years now and nobody flirts with me. (Not that I’m available, but a little wink here and a double entendre there might be nice once in a while.) Maybe if I were a tech blogger instead of a political blogger…


  1. Maybe it’s because tech bloggers aren’t getting laid enough and are always thinking about sex, where political bloggers are making us aware of how we are constantly getting screwed, thus lessening the desire?

  2. I’m HORRIBLE at flirting and that is because I AM a Nerd (86%), a Geek (65%) and a Dork (26%)

    otherwise well, mabye I’d flirt 🙂

    Even though I’m a geek, I’m sure it’s not me because I’m not technorati top 100 (I think i”M top 10,000), I’m not married (domestic partnershiped) and well.. I can’t flirt.

  3. Terence Mate,

    I’m a fuck at flirting. I’ve been told [by my X] that I have a dirty laugh. I’ve been told that when I flirt, I leave no doubts as to my intentions. I’ve been called a furry ball of sex!

    Besides, you are mixing with the wrong sort. You need to come down unda and see Aussie men in King Gees. Legs to die for. Especially wrapped around yr face mate!