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Al in ’08? Depends On Who You Ask?

Al Gore won't run in 2008. Or at least he says he "cannot perceive circumstances" under which he would run. Well, with the chances of winning a Nobel Prize and an Oscar on his mind, that may be true. He probably also cannot perceive why his friends are quietly starting a campaign to draft him for 2008. Maybe that's because their doing it so quietly that it's only just now hitting the media. Or maybe it's because Al's biding his time 'til those envelopes are opened. 

One Comment

  1. I have just seen his flik AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, and I came away quite impressed with his oratorical skills. Fantastic presenter, engaging, knew his topic, great sense of humour… the only other politician I have any time for [not necessarily as a politician thou] is Gore Vidal.

    I can understand his appeal… however, whether it translates into integrity despite the political process, is a different ballgame.