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No Britney Jokes

Craig Ferguson speaks for me. I'd heard about this monologue, but hadn't see it until today. I also didn't know that Ferguson is 15 years sober, but that and not making fun of Britney Spears and her troubles just now is something we have in common. Provided I don't pick up a drink or drug in the next few months, I'll have 15 years of sobriety later this year. I was about Britney's age when I went into recovery. It was hard enough for me then, and I wasn't dealing with it in front of the whole world. There's plenty I could say about Britney Spears related to the politics of parenting, marriage, etc., but this time I won't. I'll just say that I hope she gets help and gets better, for her own sake and her kids'.


  1. I love Craig Ferguson!

  2. You’re a class act, T. This was well done.

  3. Craig Ferguson is showing that he’s got class…a lost art in our time.
    The LA Times, rolled an article though (I forgot by who) that gave Ferguson a hard time for his stance.
    The LATimes is losing cred fast, so such a thing isn’t surprising.

    But I’m miss the times when performing star’s troubles like this weren’t so INTENSELY public, and considered part of their show.
    I find it strange too, worse than strange…that murdering celebs like OJ Simpson and Robert Blake are forgiven, but GAY stars, especially SPORTS stars…don’t find themselves so forgiven for their time spent in and tipping from, the closet.
    Our culture is fostering people who reach for unlimited self esteem, while accomplishing nothing of substance or permanence.
    Such was the tragedy of Anna Nicole Smith.
    She wrenched a lot of headlines from more important news.
    Barbara McNair…a beautiful and pioneering black woman, passed almost without notice on Super Bowl Sunday.
    She was the first black woman vocalist to host her own variety show…and the first black woman to make the “Ten Most Beautiful Women” list in the early 60’s.

    I was in a show with her decades ago. She was in her late forties then, trim…her voice dynamic and strong as ever. I had a blast touring with her.
    And got back in touch with her, just a few years ago.
    She was 72.

    I resent that ANS got so much press…interest is prurient. Who should be entertained by what a wreck that woman was to herself and her young son?
    She wasn’t especially intelligent or considering all the attention, hadn’t the brains to make a difference anywhere that mattered.

    But making fun of her? That would just be cruel…especially when she’s not around, nor ever could, have the ability to defend herself.

  4. I think it’s only a matter of time before Britney runs over a photographer and kills ’em. What happened to that sweet old Britney we used to know and love?