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Every Day I Write the Book

There are a few abiding truths about my life. One is that I’ve always been and always will be a writer. I’m not sure I ever actually owned that one until I started blogging. But a quick glance back through my personal history suggests that it’s always been the case. I remember my sister and some our friends created an extended story, a “movie” that we built our play around; complete with characters and plot. At some point, I pulled myself up in front of a typewriters and banged out a “script” of about 30 pages. (Which, at the time, I thought was rather long.)

Then there was the point, somewhere around with 6th grade, that I tried to write a Civil War novel. I managed to get through the war in seven chapters, before I quit upon realizing that I’d totally ripped off Margaret Mitchell. After that, I might have attempted another novel or two, but never finished one.

Until November 2005. That was when discovered National Novel Writing Month and decided to take the plunge. Four weeks and 50,000+ words later, I finished a first draft of my novel.

Of course, it’s not finished yet.

There’s the business of revising it. I intended to do National Novel Editing Month last year, but with my dad’s illness and passing happening at that time, I decided to put the draft back on the shelf. It’s stayed there for almost a year now, and I’ve decided to take it back down again, and give NaNoEdMo a go in March. At the outset, spending 50 hour on editing during the month of March doesn’t look too daunting.

I haven’t looked at the first draft in over a year. I remember the story, of course, and the characters. And I have a ton of notes I made last year when I thought I’d be revising, including new characters to introduce and several new sections and chapters to add. If I had to describe it in as few words as possible. I’d call it “a gay twist on The Da Vinci Code, with a healthy does of political intrigue and a dash of The Vampire Chronicles.

Even if end up with something publishable by the time I’m done (several more revisions down the line, I’m sure), I don’t know if there will be much of an audience for that kind of story. But I’ll probably still send it to a few publishers that might be interested in it. No major publishing houses, though. And, if nothing else, I can publish it through Lulu.Com.

Anyway, I’ve dusted off my copy of Stein on Writing, pulled my copy of Bird by Bird off the shelf, sent a fresh copy of the first draft to Kinko’s, and got myself a new red pen.

So, the adventure continues.

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  1. I’m glad you’e dusting off those wonderful books and getting out the pen and getting on with the work. Amen to the truth that you are a writer. In the meanwhile you’re doing a terrific job on the blog. I wonder what you do about hate mail. I’ve been getting hate comments on my blog lately, and as I have a moderated blog, I can delete them; but they make me feel a little guarded as I write. I used to just envision good people, people I would want to sit down and drink tea with, reading my blog; but now I know there are other people also reading it, and that leaves me a little tight in the throat. Do you have this problem (either the hate mail or the tight feeling)?