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The Littlest Yogi

I’ve been churning away on a project at work, so I haven’t had much time to read much, let alone blog anything. Maybe by Wednesday I can resurface and find out what’s been happening in the world. Promise to be back soon, but for now I wanted to share a cute story.

I came home on Friday, and Parker was excited to show me what he’d learned in gym that day. It turns out our little guy learned him some yoga!

He showed me the tree pose …

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the cobra pose …

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and the volcano pose. (I don’t quite know that one.)

I’ve written about my interest in yoga before, and I’m still working at it. So, of course after Parker’s demonstration I pulled Yoga: The Poetry of the Body off the shelf and showed Parker a few more poses. He really enjoys using his body, so I’m wondering if he might actually want to learn more about it.

I don’t seriously envision any father/son yoga sessions anytime soon. Maybe I can show him a few things and it’ll be something we can do together. But I think he’s still going to be more interested in his trains for a while.


  1. Yoga’s also good for exercise. I never thought of it as poetry; I like that idea. Thanks!

    You might like the Yoga Discussion Forum.

  2. Maybe there’s a way you could rename some of the poses to combine trains and yoga. Downward-facing dog looks a whole lot like a train tunnel to me, and some of the standing poses could be train signal flags. Warrior II could be a crossing gate.

    I’d been taking yoga for about a year when I enrolled my three-year-old son in a kids’ yoga class. It was lots of fun, though less about teaching formal poses and more about comfort with one’s body, coordination, concentration, etc. We also did some paired poses I hadn’t done in my adult classes. The program we did was through a Yoga Ed instructor. They seem to have a good program, though I don’t have experience with any others. The Yoga Ed site focuses mostly on their program for K-8 schools, but we did our classes at an independent yoga studio, FYI.