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One Nation Under Godless?

First it was Buddhists in Congress. Then  it was revealed that there are six members of Congress with no religious affiliation at all. No religion at all?! Now it turns out one of the six is now the only self-declared atheist in Congress. It's Democrat (of course) Pete Stark, who had the nerve to answer honestly when the Secular Coalition sent him a questionnaire. (On their website, they refer to Stark as "openly nontheistic." Is that an awkward way to avoid saying "atheist"?) I'm not sure which is more surprising, that nobody's asked during his 18 years in Congress, or that he answered the question while still in Congress. He's from California, so maybe he can still get re-elected. But if he were from anywhere else, I'd be laying bets that he'll retire after this term. One thing's for sure. He'll never be president.

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