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March Madness, Gay Blog Style

I know nothing about basketball. I’ve never even played basketball. Well, except for once in middle school, during phys. ed. But that doesn’t count because I had to play. Given a choice I’d have preferred to eat glass. Anyway, I seriously jammed my finger and never played again.

I know even less about March Madness and bracketology. But apparently, thanks to Matt over at The Malcontent, I’ve been bracketed in some madness called March Gayness 2007.

And I’m among the “One seeds.” Whatever that means, I’d appreciate your vote.


Not sure how I got ranked above the likes Andrew Sullivan, Towleroad, or Gay Patriot — all of whom have more readers than I do — but it’s always nice to be included. But since I’m up against Joe.My.God, I don’t think I’ll be in the “One seeds” for long.

Anyway, I’m in good company. Keith and Pam are in the mix, along with Boi from Troy and KipEsquire.

So, go vote.


  1. Umm, honey, there are actually no first seeds, or even one seeds

    “Also, unlike NCAA basketball, our bracket was not seeded, based on the relative strength and weakness of opponents. Teams were placed completely randomly on the bracket, so any oddities in match-ups are a complete coincidence.”

    Just remember how many innings there are, and you’ll do just fine :o)

  2. I’ve withdrawn from it. I think it’s idiotic and would never have consented had they bothered to ask first — which they didn’t.