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Just Peachy

I don’t often blog about food or cooking, even though it’s one of my biggest hobbies. (I once applied to culinary school, got accepted and offered a grant, but decided not to go after spending a summer working in a restaurant.) I love to try new recipes, and since the Food Network is one the most-watched channels in our house, I’m always seeing recipes I want to try. When I do, I fly to the computer to find them on the network’s website, print them up and stick them in my binder. (Yes, I have a binder of recipes printed from various websites. So I don’t have to print them up again every time I want to use them.)

Deserts are a specialty of mine, and I love peaches. So when Alton Brown demonstrated this recipe for Individual Peach Upside-Down Cakes, I knew I’d have to try it.

One caveat on the picture. I am not a food photographer. I also have a bit to learn about presentation, I know. But believe me, this tasted a thousand times better than it looked.

Peach Upside-Down Cake

Despite the simple ingredients, this ended up with a wonderful flavor. I’ve always been an experimental cook. A recipe, for me, is a jumping off place; a foundation for further improvisation. But I didn’t make many changes to this recipe, though. The crystalized ginger was more than enough to give it the necessary kick to counter the sweetness, and I added a little more of it than the recipe called for because I liked the flavor.

I think next time I make it I’m going to add just a pinch of coriander, just to add a little more complexity (and because I like the flavor of coriander). I’m tempted to add cardamom too, but I have to restrain myself. I have a tendency to “gild the lilly” by adding “just one more” note to an ensemble of flavors. (I know, less is more. But sometimes more is more too.)

I also added more brown sugar to the bottom of the chafing dishes than the recipe called for. Instead of measuring it, I just sprinkled until it looked right to me. So there was a bit more syrup on the cake than there probably would have been.

But I didn’t hear any complaints from the hubby or Parker when we shared this one. Even given the lack of vanilla ice cream to make this dish complete.

Not to worry. When this dish makes its next appearance at a dinner party it will be accompanied by ice cream. I’m tempted to go with something like Häagen Daz Dulche du Leche, but given the aforementioned tendency I’ll stick to vanilla.

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  1. you are right in that photographing food is a whole notha art. but i bet that tastes good!

    try moving your lamp around, for one. closer and further, or to the side. you don’t really want a flat, low light like that, flattens everything. you want to use the light to model the shape and texture of the food.

    here is one i shot, casually at home.