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Hot (and Sexy) Veggies

Normally, as a vegetarian and someone concerned about animal welfare, PETA’s activities make me cringe. (My favorite group as far as vegetarian activism goes is Compassion Over Killing.) So I don’t may much attention to PETA. That’s too bad, because I end up missing things like their contest to pick the Sexiest Vegetarian Alive.

Now, that’s something I can get behind. It’s particularly cool that the contestants are everyday people, rather than celebrities. I’ve already case my vote, but here are my picks from among the guys. (Sorry, I didn’t cast a vote for any of the women. I can appreciate a beautiful women, of course, but sexiness isn’t something I think about when it comes to women.)



He’s the guy I actually voted for, and if we’re talking physical appearance alone, then he’s my pick. Compassion, if you ask me, is very sexy in a man. So he gets extra points for coming to the aid of chained dogs.



Working in a slaughter house turned him into a vegetarian? I can believe that. Ditto on the compassion thing above. Plus Drew is closer to my age, which makes him sexier in my view.



Well, that picture says a lot, at least to me. I’m sure working as a landscaper helps keep him looking like he does. Good enough for me.



The name is sexy enough. There’s something about a guy with an androgynous name. Not to mention the tattoos. But I appreciate his work on educating people about the treatment of circus animals, and connecting it to “the mental framework that creates” racism. The only thing sexier in a man than compassion is intelligence. Combine the two and … well, you get the idea.

I didn’t think this post would be complete without my picks for the sexiest vegetarian celebs, tho. These guys, as far as I know are (or were at some point) vegetarians.

Orlando Bloom


Very nearly cause me to develop a “thing” for elves in the Lord of the Rings movies.

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz 1

I so totally wanna “go his way.”

Ziggy Marley


Love is his religion? Where can I get baptized?

Joaquin Phoenix


I’d “walk the line” for him any day.

Jude Law


I’ll “obey the law” without fail. Unless is more fun the other way.

Those are my picks? Care to share yours? Go and
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  1. yay compassion over killing!

    oh, sexy guys, that’s right. the one that i would have picked from the peta list is only 21 and the age difference skeeves me out too much… ok, it’s drew. among celebrities, definitely joaquin all the way. did you see him in “gladiator”? woowee. he made incest hot.