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Boosting the Blogroll

This may be a record. Not just for me, but for bloggers everywhere. After all, who updates their blogroll twice in one week, and just adds more? Some additions the blogroll at the top of the sidebar:

The Anti-Essentialist Conundrum

Brilliant at Breakfast

Larry’s Phat Page

Never In Our Names

Citizen Crane

Did I miss anybody?


  1. Electronic Village would be honored to join your blogroll. Drop by for a visit. Take a seat under the baobob tree and enjoy the flow. If we’re worthy … please consider adding us to your blogroll. I’ll head back and do the same for you.

    peace, Villager

  2. The Independent Bloggers’ Alliance would love to exchange links with you.

  3. long time faithfull reader, what about my site. thanks, peace

  4. I’m glad you post at Pam’s. Your site’s a nice addition to my reading list.