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Doing the Right Thing

Steven at Booman Tribune has some very important questions for some bloggers, in the aftermath of the death threats against Kathy Sierra and the callous response of a prominent progressive blogger.

Will he do the right thing?

So, what should you do now? You could ignore the criticism, or make excuses for your error, like Don Imus and his loyal gang of sycophants have tried to do in the case of the racial slurs the I-Man directed at the Rutgers women’s basketball team. You could claim you were misunderstood, or that people took your words out of context, or employ any of a number of other rhetorical devices to obfuscate and obscure that what you wrote about Ms. Sierra was fundamentally wrong. In other words, you could act like Hillary Clinton has done regarding her vote to give Bush the authority to invade Iraq.

But that wouldn’t be right, and I think in your heart you know that. So do the right thing.

Will they?

So, let me appeal to you. Maybe you’ll have better luck that we have had. Maybe you can get Markos to see that admitting his mistakes makes him a bigger man, not a smaller, weaker one. Maybe if you speak up against the reprehensible and uncalled for comments he leveled at Kathy Sierra, and by extension, at all other women online who’ve ever received threats, or been demeaned and belittled by sexist and sexually harassing comments, he will see the light, and come clean.

Really, all it would take on his part is a simple apology, and an admission that he was wrong, and a lot of the anger and outrage he has generated among his fellow liberals and progressives, both men and women, would be forgotten, or at least forgiven. Not that big a deal, you would think. It’s what we teach our children when they are still in diapers. When you’ve done something wrong, when you’ve hurt someone, say you’re sorry.

So, will you help us, and even more important, will you help Markos, by speaking out? You have the big soap box, not us. Many of you know him personally, not us. And isn’t it the duty of his friends to tell him that he’s screwed the pooch on the Affaire le Sierra? Isn’t it more likely that if he hears from the people he considers his “peers” that he needs to make amends, the message might actually get through to him?

Will they? Dunno. The handful that I still read haven’t seen fit to mention it yet.


  1. This reads like a rehash of the “political correctness” wars of the late-1980’s. Yes, we should criticize when warranted, but to call out the hounds for a full-on lynching seems a bit harsh when there are so many more important fish to fry. Once you take the professional jealousy out of it, what Markos said doesn’t warrant national attention.

  2. Great post. It’s important that we think through these issues affecting the blogosphere. This is why I’ve decided to support the boycott of the local blogger happy hours. The hosts, who claim to represent all DC area bloggers, frequently write homophobic, sexist, and somewhat racist posts. Furthermore, they published full names and phone numbers of bloggers they don’t like this week and they visited the home of another blogger and committed a violent act. We must stand together on these things and lift the collective discussions to a higher level. Love you, T!

  3. The short answer apparently is no. Kos has a non-apology apology up today at his site. The other A-listers. Nothing so far, though I did receive one email response from one them that was very negative toward me.

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