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Stuff to Read, ‘Til I Can Blog Again

Not sure whether I’ll get to do much blogging today, but there’s lots of great stuff elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Pam has a great post up about discussing racism and misogyny.

Let’s start off with some important observations and distinctions about why you’re seeing the defense of rap, even with it’s misogyny. When it comes down to it, they don’t like “Whitey” pointing it out — they leap to defending the right to self-defined cultural expression — not freedom of speech, mind you, but an ethno-centric form of expression, the black vernacular within that genre. That’s what you hear when people get defensive about why everyone is “picking on” hip-hop only.


Over at MIrror on America, the Angry Independent has a post along the same lines as Pam’s.

Of course Rap music is not the direct cause or the only cause for the ills that plague Black America, but it plays a big role in reinforcing certain lifestyles that-when combined with other factors- contribute to conditions that hurt Black folks, especially Black youth. Rap is like a mental prison that has become a barrier for Black folks, making it hard for them to take the steps necessary to deal with their social, political, and economic conditions.


Along those same lines, Jasmyne continues her “Can’t Sing That No More” series examining treatments of race and gender in hip-hop.

Why Mims Is Not Hot…

This track is again about how fly he is, how much money he has, how he will kill or hurt you, how we (ladies) want him, plus other questionable lyrics.


N-word = 6 times

B-word = 1 time

Jasmyne also has a clip of her Imus-related appearance on Dateline.


Wired has a pretty comprehensive wrap up of the facts (or lack thereof) in the Kathy Sierra story.

Identifying these perpetrators has proven impossible because most of the evidence has been destroyed, including server logs, IP addresses and the threatening content itself. Although others have identified a prime suspect, he has an alibi, which is impossible to confirm or debunk.


Nezua has this to say about the Kos v. Kathy saga. It short, and thus there’s no need to quote it here. Just go read it. Especially that paragraph just before the end.

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