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A Bashing in Jamaica

This is hatred. Set someone apart. Make them “other.” Make them less than human.

This is where it leads. This is what it looks like.

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This is a lynching. This is a hate crime.

Warning: The images and video below the fold are disturbing and violent.

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FALMOUTH, Trelawny – A cross-dreser was set upon and severely beaten by a mob in Falmouth’s Water Square yesterday morning.

Police who were called to the scene had to fire warning shots to disperse the stone-throwing, stick-wielding mob, which succeeded in tearing off the man’s black-and-white form-fitting blouse and jet black wig.

According to eyewitnesses, the man was spotted at approximately 8:30 am in the town centre apparently waiting for transportation. He was wearing heavy make-up, high-heeled shoes, a long pair of shiny earrings, a black leather jacket over a snug black-and-white blouse, a tight-fitting pair of jeans, a black wig, a pair of sunglasses and a handbag slung over his broad shoulders.

It was not clear yesterday how the alarm was first raised. However, the Observer was told that the assault began as soon as someone in the busy square shouted that the person was actually a man wearing female attire.

The news of the man’s presence in the community spread rapidly and in a matter of minutes scores of angry residents converged on the scene and began to rain blows all over the cross-dresser’s body with sticks, stones and whatever weapon they could find.

“Where is the police station at?” the frightened man screamed.

During the melee, the wig the man was wearing fell off and wads of newspaper stuffed in a brasserie to lift the man’s chest dislodged, while a cosmetic kit containing lipsticks of varying colours was thrown from a bag he was carrying, much to the amusement of the large crowd who stood watching.

“B***y boy fe dead,” persons among the mob shouted.

The sentiments were echoed by the rest of the riled-up crowd.

“Falmouth no pet no b***y boy. We no want none a them bout here,” one woman yelled.

After the mob dispersed, the victim was whisked off in a police service vehicle, much to the disapproval of the crowd who rushed upon the vehicle demanding the man’s release.

“If you ever did see him. Him dress hotter than you and me,” one young girl was overheard telling her friend.

“Nu worry man, we gi him a proper [beating],” one man said proudly.

The man was admitted to hospital. However, a police spokesman said last night that a group of people, who wanted to beat the man on his release, were waiting outside the hospital, which, he said, could delay his release from the health facility.

Yesterday’s beating was the second such in a month in western Jamaica. In the previous incident, several men alleged to be homosexuals were chased, beaten and stabbed, resulting in one of them being hospitalised, during the Supreme Ventures carnival on Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay. The men were said to have gone onto the stage and gyrated on each other, angering the patrons.

This is a lynching. A black-on-black lynging. Some context.


  1. Terrance, I have wondered whether the term “gay-bashing” should, at least in some circumstances, be replaced with “gay-lynching” or just plain “lynching” as your use above. A “bash” sounds like a raucous but more-or-less acceptable party; a “lynching” sounds like mass mob violence of ignorant inbreds against the innocent. (This is not intended to cast a narrow definition of the word “gay” on the LGBT community or any person or subgroup therein.)

  2. wtf. human beings, man. i just will never get it. this is horrifying.

    yes…racism, sexism, gay-hating…it’s all one thing, isn’t it? “othering.” where we separate ourselves from the All that humanity shares. that thing that connects us. that thing that, without which, there is but a void where a heart should be. a pulse that breathes the universe, and empathy, and love through us all.

  3. Jesus.

    …no matter how many times I hear it, seeing film…I just…and waiting outside the hospital…
    I keep trying to distance myself and wonder clinical things like what this person’s gender identity was, in what way it was important enough to risk being in public in a community like this. I think about what those people–violent, merciless, bloodthirsty–are like at home, as regular folks, with their own families.
    And then I slip, and actually pay attention to it again, and just sort of feel horrified, and that’s all I can do.
    Sometimes I feel like reading the news reads a list of places I can never travel.

  4. Get this straight. Gay life is not new to Jamaica. What we will not tolerate is anyone promoting this nastiness as normal. Just as it is not normal for human beings and animals to mate, the same applies.

    There are several prominent, rich and poor fags in jamaica who have never been beaten all because they know their place.

    We will never accept it as a normal way of life. Keep your closets in your homes. It is clear that homosexuals dont want kids, so do not influence my children with your nastiness.

    So anyone who flaunts it then we apply – Batty bwoy fi dead – Memba dat!

  5. T, I hope you don’t mind if I say, to the last commenter:

    Get the hell out, troll. I know my place. It’s standing between people like you and people like me.

  6. LOL. Ritchie how about a little logic… I know it’s hard for ya…
    GLBT people are of the human species, animals aren’t…
    This type of bigotry reminds me of the same type attitudes that racist white folks in the south had in the 60s. Know your place and don’t get too uppity.

    I won’t ever set foot in Jamaica.

  7. Richie,
    please to be rememberin dis, chile.
    what goes around comes around….and soon…that hatred and stupidity you demonstrate will be bangin up side your head.

  8. Well it looks as though education has not reach aspired levels in Jamaica as yet, people are still reamining as animalistic and insecure with their own feelings, that they find it necessary to take out their frustrations on innocent and most likely more educated and astute individuals who seek to lead their lives according to their own values. Oops, maybe my language was abit to sophisticated for you Richie to understand, as it stands you wish to continue something that was supposedly abolished since 1833, i hope none of your family is gay, or then again the poor dears are probably forced to emulate a life that you see as fit, stealing and raping lives from the innocent. Jamaica needs to wake up and soon

  9. I am a Jamaican recenly living in America, and I think that people choose the way they want to live and they should’nt be abused because of what they beleive.” Most a who a beat dem a batty man dem self and should saat out fidem self fus and leave other people alone.If dem no try fi indulge you ina dem behavior den you no need fi trouble dem”. It’s time for Jamaicans to stop the violence and be considerate about other people’s feelings and remember that gays are humans too and they have rights just like anybody else. The bible speaks about times like these and gays are leading themselves in the trap, but by promoting violence towards them you’re leading yourself in the trap also, opening your own gates to hell. Open your minds and think, it’s about time!

  10. i am a Jamaican attending college in D.C. I agree and disagree with Richie. I believe in equal rights. gays deserve to lead a fulfilling and normal life like everyone else BUT lets face it, being gay isnt normal. One can be gay at home but please dont be flamboyant and parade it in the streets, especially in Jamaica. Jamaicans wont tolerate such behaviour, i guess the bible is to blame for this mindset. I feel guilty admitting this because i have gay friends here in the states but i just cant support them being flamboyant.

  11. I am am expat of jamaica, living in Canada since my early teenage years. I visited Jamaica once, 15 years ago. I am now 46. I was surprised by the homophobia on the island. All that hate focussed one group of their kin folks.

    I recently started (one month now) keeping tabs on what is going on with respect to gays on the island. I have to say at the very least I am appauled, frighted, sickened, but most of all saddened by the state of civil justice.

    What is this preoccupation with gays? All that energy place on the negative. Just imagine if Jamaicans could harness all that nagative energy into a postive direction.

    Gays are not going away. If we look at the fact of humam evolution and indeed the whole make up of life on planet Earth, homosexuality is part of life here, whether we like it or not. In South Africa and the USA, Black people were ‘hunted, hung, murdered, ensalved…’ Why? Just for being Black!!! Both countries recconciled with this issue and for the most part are still dealing with this HATRED of Black People. Now Black people are hunting and murdering each other just beacuse they are homsexuals and lesbians.

    Yes… the British brought the buggery laws to Jamaica via the Romans, who believed that ‘homosexuality caused floods’. That law remained on the books til recently. The main reason that law stayed on the books is that no one in the HOUSE OF LORDS wanted to go down in history with their name attached to such a reform. The British also enslaved Jamaica. Slavery was abolished. The British got rid of the buggery law. Is not time Jamaica got rid of the buggery law?

    To wait another 400 hundred years to continue victimizing a marginilized group is doing Jamaica a gross injustice to both victims and vistimizers. We as human being have to realize that it is compassion that makes us GOOD CHRISTIANS, GOOD MUSLIMS, AND GOOD JEWS. To kill people for being themselves is just wrong. I think we all know it. For the law makers of Jamica to make thugs and murders of thier citizens is wrong.

    STOP AND THINK OF THE FUTURE. A future wtihout gays and lesbians in Jamaica is not in the cards. A reform of gay people into heterosexual is not possible anymore than making black people white. The Christian dogma that that pervails Jamaican culture that omits “though shall not kill” has to stop.

  12. Time to start an economic boycott of Jamaica.

    If reason will not get them to see that bashing their fellow citizens is wrong, then taking money out of their pockets by refusing to buy Jamaican products and take Jamaican vacations will.

    For those of you who think it’s a waste of time, ask the pro-apartheid forces in South Africa how effective an economic boycott was in ending apartheid there.

  13. Anna, you are an ignorant bitch. Being gay is as old as the human race, even beyond, there are also groups of other animals who exhibit homosexual behaviour. It is something you are born with. Therefore it is normal. A research facility in Sweden, one of the foremost in the world, has already proven that homosexuality starts in the womb. They have no control over it. If you were born with Down’s Syndrome or a sixth toe, do you think it’s fair we beat you to death for being different? The world is desparately overpopulated. Nature always tries to correct itself. Outside of disease and war, homosexuality is the only other way to control the human population. Are you not aware of all the blacks that died in America for the color of their skin? They were looked at, and still are in many areas, as being evil…..freaks of nature. Or maybe you’re too caught up in yourself to care about your African brethren.

  14. Well people, after reading all your comments, i only have this summary to give: faggot/homosexual/gay/chichi/ beatings will never be obliterated in jamaica. i myself am a Jamaican and i have this to say; it is true that hatred of gays was bred into me mainly by my community members. These beatings are to serve as an example, after all, we do beat thieves, rapists etc. in order to avoid conflict, i recommend that no homosexual display their ‘nastiness cuz dem know wah dem gaa get’ PS. Dont ever discriminate a Jamaican about his level of intelligence. Men will actually hurt you for that because by doing that, you hurt them.

  15. That is brutal. I am a Christian and I know Jesus would never done such a thing. My god hates the sin not the sinner. He came for us the sinners for repentance and 1john4: can we say we love when we do things like this to another human. Let us not be like Jonah. I am not saying I am with the sadomic act because the word of god says that the smell of Sodom went up to the nostril of god and it was stink. But god never destroys a city without worning.he is a god of mercy. Look every man has the right of a fair trial not brutality. And you people of Jamaica repent of your sins god going to punish this country and am not joking.and people stop acting like you all never went to church the bible tell us these things must come to past for the revelation of god and god does not go back on his words.remember that.

  16. Boycott Jamaica…the only language some people understand is that of money. If enough people, gay or straight, remove Jamaica from their vacation plans, the LGBT Community will be more protected. On my website I’ve posted a direct link to the Jamaican Tourism Office. Please visit it and send a message.


  17. hello i am from trinidad and i am gay and america needs to step in on these jamicans, people should be allowed to live there own lives. God did not make mistakes he made us for a reason. richie you are what i would say a asshole and you will learn the hard way and get this 60 % of jamaican men are having sex with men trust me i am gay they only act that way to hide it

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  19. As a Jamaican, I am saddened by the stupidity that obtains throughout our society. The very fact that some of the most influential people in Jamaican society are homosexual goes unnoticed by a lot of persons: the arts, culture, academia, sports, you name it; homosexual men and women are everywhere. A lot of them help to keep Jamaica afloat by sharing their thoughts and ideas, which help to keep the economy afloat, and helps to preserve our culture. If these people were to suddenly pick up and leave, yes, many Jamaicans would wish them good riddance; probably with a lot of kicking and screaming attached. However, I don’t think that they would realize the kind of hurt that they would suffer in the long run. The only justice I would have seen in the above situation, would have been for the police to seriously investigate the incident and arrest anyone who was directly involved for public disorder, aggravated assault, among other offences that are clearly visible in this video. Yet again, there is no hate crime legislation in Jamaica (and even in the U.S. and other countries where such legislation exists, MOST of the crimes that are actually hate crimes are not prosecuted as such). So, when will it end? What huge, deciding blow can be dealt to the head of the snake (and any other snakes involved)?

  20. lol, i’m sorry but this is just stupid. anyone who is intimidated by jamaicans is an idiot. I mean come on, they’re all uneducated potheads lol. y’all shud be wondering which level of hell they’ll fill hahahaha

  21. I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight after viewing this video. Add to that Richie’s homophobic views…and then there’s Anna, being educated in the States – who has “gay friends here in the states but i just cant support them being flamboyant.” This is my childhood nightmare. I grew up in a small town in Canada and I thought that this would be my reality. This man was almost killed because he was being himself. What?!?! Imagine a different world where people were beaten for being obese? Or stupid? It would cut the population of the States in half, that’s for sure. No more economic crisis. Fewer mouths to feed. Fewer health-related illnesses. OMG, I might bash my country sometimes but am I ever glad that I live here. Gay men and women can get married here! It’s not Utopia but it’s certainly a far cry from the life that I would have living in Jamaica.

  22. ok. having read these posts i have a few things i feel i want to say, despite the obvious tirade of abuse i’ll probably get from all and everyone (as it appears anyone voicing their opinions here gets bitched at):

    1) i feel homosexuality for the most part is innate. genetic. written. unchangeable. same way people who feel they are transgender. something you know from quite an early age and you either except it or it pretty much messes up ya life.

    2) although people on here are voicing their opinions, insults regarding culture and country of origin or levels of education are pretty much out of order. is another form of bigotry, and makes you as bad as the ones you are bitching about.

    3)(this one’s for the Annas out there) im gay myself and have been out to my family since i was 16. despite this, i used to get annoyed by “faggot” types. they guys that to me always seemed over the top, because this was what society though all gays were like and therefore what i was “supposed” to be like. but then took time to get to know a few people like this and there are people tht put it on to prove a point, like the guy tht tries to hard at a party.but for the most part that is just who they are. sometimes its a defence thing. point is no-one should have to change.

    4) “know your place” what the f**k. this sounds like a ridiculous statement at first. but living in a part of London that has a vast Jamaican/African population, and being one of the few white guys on the estate i do have to “tone it down” a bit. you dont give people excuses to start things. what happened to this guy is disgusting and unforgivable. the people involved (especially the person that raise the “alarm”), i hope they gets what’s coming to them. but saying this, the guy dressed as a woman, like us, knows the issues around homosexuality in Jamaica. what’s he doing walking around in drag!?! you do yourself no favours. change takes time, and unless there are a fair few of you in places that react to situations they dont get with violence your gonna get beaten up. its simple.

    5) economic boycott is an amazing idea. though the place has never been on my radar as a holiday destination for obvious reasons, i shan’t be buying anything from this and its allied countries again.

    we have a Homophobic Rapper who actively preaches the hunting down and the murder of gays/lesbians etc. coming over to perform this month in London. they are expecting such attacks to go up by 40% during and after his visit. our country granted him a visa and permit to do so.

    when things like this are allowed to happen, how can u expect anyone to listen to us rant about another country.

    its disgusting.

    respect yourselves and each other.
    worlds too small for hate.

  23. The thing that struck me about this video was the women trying to prevent the violence. Notice the slim woman in the pink top with the straight hair in a pony tail pushing back the big man with a massive stick who was beating and beating the guy. Then towards the end of the video there are a couple of women pushing back the crowd and a man shouting out ‘ No that’s enough’. So although there are a stupid minority in that community who think they will teach the guy a lesson by beating him I can’t believe that the rest of the community thinks like that.

    I also think blacksoca has a point. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” They are doing this to cover up their own hidden desires.

  24. I am gay and out in the uk .. I didnt watch the video because it would have been too much .. I have straight friends that are male who arent threatened by my preferance .. I think the men of jamaica that condone these acts should look inside themselves ..Does it make them more manly to attack another man on mass ?? .. I was taught by my father that being a man was the abilty to take care of your family and teach your children that we are equal regardless of colour / sex / background? He told me I can be anything and no one has the right to make me feel bad about it .. When I told him I was gay – he accepted my preferance and told me he still loved me. My existance and every other gay mans existance does not require approval .. We are what we are .. and no amount of force can change that .. it cant be beat out of you .. it just is !! …

  25. Isn’t it ironic? The very same people who accuse others of being racist and discriminative are doing exactly the same thing to the LGBT community. This video disturbs me, the thought that there are still people in the world who are this ignorant and narrow minded.

    However, I also believe that this was foolish on the man’s part. Go ahead, be gay. I’m gay. i have no problem with anything. However, in a society as homophobic as Jamaica’s, going out in public in drag was a bad idea.