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Jackson Katz on Virginia Tech

I’d never heard of Jackson Katz prior to blogging about the Virginia Tech shootings (parts one, two, and three). Only after writing those posts and still continuing to research on masculinity, homophobia and bullying did I come across his appearances in some videos on YouTube. I tried to feature in a previous post, but I was still getting the hang of Splashcast and didn’t do a very good job of it.

Last night I discovered another video of Katz speaking about the VA Tech shootings, and was struck by how much of what he was saying is what I was trying to say in those three earlier posts. So, here’s Katz’s video,and I’ve added to the rest other two videos, “Wrestling with Masculinity” and “Tough Guise.”

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  1. Katz rocks! i’ve used his TG video for a while in my classes.

    just dropping a line. recently starting reading. great blog.

  2. I heard Katz speak at my college and honestly saw no validity really in what he said. People can call it rankism or sexism or whatever they want. The overall principle in the world though is strength and individuality. Im not trying to sound like Machiavelli or say thats its a dog eat dog world. But ultimately, a person, whether theyre black white guy girl or whatever has to step up for himself/herself and take advantage of his/her talents to get what he/she desires in life. Rarely do people get what they want just out of being passive. At some point one needs to say this is what I want and Im going to do anything to get it. Obviously there are people with an advantage or disadvantage that they themselves didnt earn, but in that case it usually leads to the downfall of the advantaged person. When people, companies teams or even countries ride on their laurels they will eventually fail because they dont have the drive tenacity or basic will that is needed. Thats what brings major corporations to bankruptcy, teams to failure and empires to a fall and is really what makes the world work. People like Katz can say that women are degraded by society and theres a good amount of truth to that. But if you look at it from a different prospective, they also completely by into that degradation because they dont do what they need to do to get themselves out all the time, and take the bait that is given to them.

    On rankism, I think the evils of it are also self solving, if someones abusing his/her rank they will ultimately go over the line and fail because the people under them will stop supporting them, like Don Imus.