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Printable Posts

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but since people have mentioned that they print some posts for later reading, and email posts to others, I’ve finally added some functions to make it easier to do both.

Now, when you read any single post, you’ll notice two small icons in the upper right corner, above the title. The first is a printer icon, the function of which is pretty straight forward. Click it and you’ll get a printer-friendly version of the (without images or comments, for now). The second one is an envelope. Click on it and you can email a post to up to five people at a time, but only every 10 minutes.

One Comment

  1. That’s cool. Was it a part of a wordpress plugin?

    I know I often have to skip some of your posts. I read blogs during the work day and don’t have time to read longer musings. But… I do a lot of long reading after Emma is in bed… so this will be nice to read those posts I want to digest.