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Cookin’ with Kimchi

Just thought this was interesting. When I was growing up, our neighbor across the street — who was good friends with my mom — was Korean. She and her husband met and married while he was in the military, and moved back to the U.S. I was fascinated when I found out that the shed in their back yard contained a fully functioning kitchen. Her husband built it for her, so she could make Kimchi without the smell permeating the house. But sometimes I’d smell it if I went outside. I smelled it again in college, when I Korean housemate in the boarding house I lived in would have it with his meals. But until now, I never knew how kimchi is made.

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  1. I LOVE Kimchi! I lived in Korea for over three years and ate kimchi pretty much 3 times a day (it’s served with almost every meal). THere are so many kinds and ways to do it (my favorite is cucumber summer kimchi).

    I used to sit with my Omani (Korean mother I lived with) in the fall and make it (the Koreans thought that was funny that an grown American male was making Kimchi)..

    my mouth waters when I smell it now.