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“It’s Time to Stomp Out Atheists in America”

Via Stranger Fruit.

Take this letter to the editor, from January of this year. Ignore the fact that the author appears to suggest that freedom of religion only applies to various denominations of Christianity (and perhaps not even all of them).

Ignore that the author seems to think religious belief is a requirement for citizenship (“You must believe.” [Emphasis mine.]).

Ignore the logic by which the author assumes that 10% of the population who identify as atheists are responsible for more or all crime in America, while ignoring that (unless that 10% never sleeps and spends every waking moment committing some crime or another) most of those crimes are committed by the some of the other 90% that claim some belief in God or a supreme being. (Also ignore that religious belief apparently wasn’t enough to stop those believers from committing their crimes.)

Ignore that only six members of Congress are religiously unaffiliated, and only one is a self declared atheist, out of .

Now, remove every occurrence or permutation of the word “atheist” and substitute another group. Here are a few to get you started: Black, Jews, Latinos, Muslims, Homosexuals, Christians, Mormons, etc. Just for fun substitute any social ill that could possibly be blamed on any of the groups above.

Now, tell me. How much outrage would result from the new version of the letter above? How much public disapproval, even from people who don’t belong to any of those groups? How much of what’s in the letter would fall under that category of “what you can’t say” about a particular group, at least not without expecting significant negative response?

Why does it fall under the category of “what you can say” about atheists and expect almost no outrage or disapproval from anyone other than atheists themselves?

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  2. Your timing is interesting. I just posted a poem from another blog to mine, and there was one line that said “I am not afraid of atheism.” It drew a commenter who railed against atheism and atheists, blaming them for every possible problem we encounter today. (The comment was deleted for being inflammatory and frankly offensive, besides being irrelevant.)

    Maybe atheists are the new “easy target” for people so filled with hate? I don’t know. But what I do know is that as a “good Christian girl” I will defend them on my turf.

  3. Gosh, atheists do all that and still have time to sleep, eat, and contemplate further acts of destruction? It would be funny if…well, if it were. I think though, that this sort of raving is its own refutation. No, really, where is Ms. Shannon going with this thought?

  4. It’s unsurprising that some barely-literate nutbag wrote such a letter. The question is why the newspaper printed it.

  5. all turmoil in the world stems from religion which is all ignorant superstition.

  6. since it says in god we trust on our currency it just has to be true. what kind of idiot would think such a thing? our world will be doomed by stupidity before anything else.

  7. The Evil Atheist Conspiracy is alive and well. Fear us.

  8. It seems to be human nature to have an “out” group onto which we project all our evils.

  9. God … creates imperfect beings, then threatens them with hell for being imperfect. Hey … works for me … but then again, I love BDSM!