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Gay Parents Good Parents

Not that this is going to mean anything to folks who tend to ignore or distort research like this, but yet another one has declared that gay parents at least as good as heterosexual parents.

A Canadian study has found that same-sex parents are just as good, if not better, than opposite-sex parents.

The study, released by the Canadian Justice Department, was commissioned in 2003 by its then-Liberal government. The study primarily focused on lesbian couples.

The study, authored by Professor Paul Hastings at Concordia University, asserts that children raised by lesbian parents are equally as socially competent as children raised by heterosexual parents.

“A few studies suggest that children with two lesbian mothers may have marginally better social competence than children in traditional nuclear families, even fewer studies show the opposite, and most studies fail to find any differences,” says the 74-page study.

I’m still looking for a copy of the study. I haven’t had a caught up on my blog reading today, so maybe some other queer blogger has gotten their hands on it.

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  1. When I read about a study like this I want to throw up my hands and say “Why do we need a study like this? Why in heaven’s name wouldn’t this be so? When will we ever get it in our collective skulls that GLBT people are just…people?

  2. You might have some difficulty finding a copy of the study because the author himself only recently obtained a copy by means of the Access to Information Act – an indication in and of itself of how lucky we are in Canada that no matter how insidious and retrograde the current conservative government might be, that the universal protections offered by the charter keep them in check.

    If you really want to pursue it your best bet would be to contact the author himself. Paul Hastings, a Concordia University psychologist