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Command Performance

One of the unexpected pleasure of parenthood,lately, is that I get to sing again. At some point, we went from Parker asking me to stop singing around the house (admittedly, in the middle of one of his favorite shows) to Parker actually asking me to sing to him at bedtime and in the car, because he likes it. I admit, I couldn’t help grinning when I heard him say “Daddy’s a good singer.” Made my day, it did.

It started when Parker adopted Cars as his favorite movie. One night after I realized the movie soundtrack contained several songs I knew, rather than sing the theme from Thomas the Train again I asked Parker if I could sing a song from the movie for him. He happily said yes, and I launched into “Route 66” for him. Since then, I’ve added “Life is a Highway” and “Life Would be a Dream (Sh-boom)” to the set list, though I have to print out the lyrics to get through the first one.

But what’s been the most fun is reaching back into my singer’s brain to find songs that I’d enjoy singing and Parker would enjoy hearing. I came up with “It’s not Easy Being Green” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (the first song I ever sang on stage). The first one’s been requested again, but not the second one, yet.

I’ve been enjoying it so much that I think I might hook up with a voice teacher, just to see what kind of pipes I have left and what I can do with them. But even if I never sing for an audience again, I’ve got at least one ardent fan. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to put together a playlist of Parker’s “lullabyes.” (The last one is a version of “Rainbow” is probably my favorite.)

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  1. Go for it, Terrance! I think you’d have fun with a voice teacher. I’m glad to see you pursuing this, and I look forward to hearing how it goes. I watched your video collection all the way through: my father has always loved “Sh-boom,” and “Route 66” is such a classic.

  2. Actually, I’ve expanded my repertoire even further. This evening I added “Straighten Up and Fly Right” and “Take the A Train” to the list. The first one I introduced tonight, but second one I introduced earlier this week and Parker actually requested it tonight.

    I wonder what other standards might have “kid-appeal.” “Alexanders Ragtime Band” comes to might, and maybe “Sunny Side of the Street.”