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And So It Begins

As we usually do on Saturdays, we took Parker to his swimming lesson this morning. As usual, I met Parker in the locker room to get him dried off, dressed, etc. And, as usual, I asked him how his swimming lesson went,if he had fun, etc. And, usually, he enthusiastically tells me it went well. But this time, his enthusiasm had to do with something entirely different, and thus our post-swimming lesson chat went rather differently.

“Daddy, I saw the girl that likes me!”





I didn’t have time to get the details from Parker, as I still had to get him dressed and stuff, but the hubby later confirmed for me during the ride home that there was indeed some mutual four-year-old flirtation going on between Parker and a girl in his class, and both were equally smitten. (Can’t say I blame her. I mean the kid is pretty darn cute, even if I am a little biased. The hubby says the little girl was quite adorable herself.)

Oh well. It was a rather cute moment in the locker room, and the first time I’ve heard anything like that from Parker.

At least we’ve got a while before he starts dating or anything. Right? Don’t we?

One Comment

  1. Brian had his first “girl friend” in kindergarten. There has always been a girl he has had a crush on. He bought a girl flowers and took them to school in third or fourth grade. He was even considerate enough to leave them in the office so she wouldn’t be embarrassed in class.

    He is nearly 13 and just beginning to want to arrange some sort of “date” experience, although he does understand that it would have be in a group.

    It is so un-PFLAG-mom of me, but as the mom of five boys, three gay, one not telling, I do find that I comfort myself that someday Brian will bring home a woman. Is it wrong of me? To look forward to someday having a another female at the Thanksgiving table? Just one? I mean, I love all these boys and I have liked (almost) all of their boyfriends, but it would be nice to have another female in the family someday.