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No Mojo Here Today

Per the aforementioned dearth of blog mojo, I’m taking a bit of advice from this post on what to do when running low on blog steam.

If you’re running out of breath in your blog, get out there and get active. Read other posts and engage in the conversation. Talking with other readers of other sites will help develop your ideas.

My writer’s block hasn’t kept me from reading, and there are a lot of people who don’t appear to be blocked at the moment. Here’s some of the best of what I’ve read lately.

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Some great stuff’s been written about Iraq from the perspective of African Americans. I thought of it on the train this morning, when I read Norman Mailer’s 2003 essay on the Iraq war and race.

The concept of victory could be seen by some as the noblest species of profit in union with patriotism. So Bush knew that a big victory in an easy war would work for the good white American male. If blacks and Hispanics were representative of their share of the population in the enlisted ranks, still they were not a majority, and the faces of the officer corps (as seen on the tube) suggested that the percentage of white men increased as one rose in rank to field and general officers.

I immediately thought of Jill’s post about African Americans and the Iraq war.

Most African-Americans can point to someone they know personally who has been impacted in some way — negatively — by this war. Could be a neighbor, relative, classmate, co-worker, relative of a relative. You nah mean. Me — I’ve had 2 cousins go over to Iraq. And my cousin’s half-sister’s husband. This colors our view of those who believe in a wait-and-see or worse yet, a “surge” approach.

Discussions in the black community tend to focus on Osama bin Laden — isn’t he still at large? — and on the Money — it sure seems like a lot of money is being spent over there in Iraq. How is it that none of that money was seen fit to spend on helping the victims of Katrina or re-building New Orleans? Or on better healthcare, education, poverty, our cities, the environment for folks living right here in the United States?

… If the military is 25% black and there’s been a 50% drop in the rate of black enlistment, that sounds like a mounting readiness crisis for the U.S. military. recently polled its audience on this subject …

I was led to Jill’s post by the African American Political Pundit’s post at Independent Bloggers’ Alliance.

This challenge is about America’s war on Iraq and the lack of conversation on black blogs about the disguised hypocrisy of America on this critical issue. Jill recently wrote that she is frustrated like most African Americans on the continuing failure to set a timetable on Iraq. She feels that members of Congress and the political blogs are ignoring African-Americans, in part I think because we have not blogged as much about Iraq as other issues.

I agree we Jill. Black bloggers should get more vocal about the war. We need to do what Malcolm and Martin taught us, become more international in our conversation. We need to comment of the Iraq war as they did about the War in Vietnam and the war against our people,

AA PP also had an excellent post about Blacks, Iraq, and the “Exodus Mentality.”

Addressing Iraq, especially form the viewpoint of Black Americans who are all too familiar with th heavy hand of power in this country, requires much more than just a superficial discussion about timetable for troop withdrawals. They could take all the “troops” out right now and there would still be any army or “Civilian military contractors”, better known as mercenaries, remaining in Iraq to keep the bloodshed going. Black people have to be forward thinking enough to recognize that this is no longer the same world it was, the good old days of world war are over, because the war machine has grown into a doomsday device and we dare not open Pandora’s box.

I said earlier that Gore shouldn’t run for president. Now it looks like HIllary’s worried about the same thing. The woman who put banned donuts from the 1992 campaign and put Bill on air-popped popcorn just sent Gore a basket of high calorie snacks.

While the basket, chocked full of such sumptuous snacks as chocolate croissants and pecan buns, was ostensibly a gift to congratulate Mr. Gore on the publication of his new book, “The Assault on Reason,” some members of the former vice president’s staff saw more sinister motives in Sen. Clinton’s choice of present.

With Mr. Gore battling his waistline in recent years, any potential run for the White House in 2008 would presumably require a period of dieting and slimming down – processes that the basket of lip-smacking temptations seemed calculated to thwart.

OK. That was a joke, but is Vice President Condi a joke? On a Romney/Condi ticket? The Skeptical Brutha ain’t so skeptical on this tip.

Let’s face facts, Hillary has a lock on women voters-particularly women of color. Being in the majority has its benefits and Democratic women far outnumber Democratic men. If Hillary wins this thing, it will because of her advantage among women 45 and over. Moreover, it will also be because black women over 45 voted for her. Hillary has no compunction using the votes of our sistahs to create another all-white ticket and calling it diverse.

I don’t care what she says, she don’t feel OUR pain, Y’all. Mississippi College School of law professor Angela Mae Kupenda wrote provocatively in her Boston College Third World Law Journal article, “For White Women: Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine, But We All Hide Our Faces and Cry,” she wrote, “There is no wonder that there is conflict between some white women and some black women. Black and white women have many unresolved issues surrounding the issue of race, generally, and race and sexuality, specifically. Buried inside of some white women may be hatred toward black women because of their white men.”

… I am a packrat, and have lived my life with the motto: There are just some things that you don’t throw away. You name it, and I’ve kept it. I rarely delete e-mail. I have most of my college textbooks and save every piece of campaign literature and paraphernalia, I get. The same could be said of the white power structure and its collection of useful House Negroes. Some House Negroes are just too handy to be discarded. Especially Dubya’s little plantation mistress.

Mistress Condi will be sold to another Massa to save the Plantation for the party. She’ll go willingly and provide her “services” like the good Negress she was trained to be.

Speaking of plantation days, XicanoPwr has a brilliant post about the recent space of racist theme parties.

… In order the defeat racism, we must realize all parties must be committed to ending racism. The first step we must answer this fundamental question: How can we really tackle racism when a majority from the white culture actually do believe racism does not exist in this country? Yet, how is it that a nation who is legally committed to equal opportunity for all – regardless of race, creed, national origin, or gender – continually reproduces patterns of racial inequality? How is it that in our open, participatory democracy, racial minorities are still underrepresented in positions of power and decision-making?

Their rejection of racism is no doubt genuine in its adoption of “colorblindness;” but it also tends to continue the existing inequalities and injustices that descend from the Jim Crow days of segregation. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva has constructed a theory of “color-blind racism” based on ignorance or denial of racial disparities and underlying structural factors. He suggests that race-related issues are understood primarily by means of four dominant frames. The first frame involves the minimization or trivialization of racial differences. The claim that race does not exist, or is not real, is the ultimate form of this tactic. When disparities are acknowledged, the second frame involves blaming minorities for their pathological non-White cultures, rather than on structural constraints or White privilege. The third frame justifies racial phenomena as natural. Finally, the fourth frame upholds the current standards such as equality and meritocracy, but fails to take into account relevant preconditions such as a balanced playing field.

These positions reflect the dominant racial ideology in the US – a view that seems more concerned with “reverse discrimination” than with unchanged black and Latino poverty rates, infant mortality, or heightening, not declining, racial stratification. Thus domestic racial ideology both undermines an older, more familiar racial mindset and reinforces it.

Finally right after I read this Washington Post article about the growing field of “ethnic plastic surgery” I came across an interesting post from brownfemipower on the number one beauty issue for Latinas.

For me (a latina), I feel like our hair is the big thing–when we don’t pluck it, dye it, or thin it–we are very hairy. And god forbid–we be hairy with dark ass bristly hair.

Our thick bristly hair was also mocked endlessly during the time the movie Frida was a big deal. I can’t even count how many movie reviews called Frida some variation of “the monobrow movie.”

I even know two dudes that have specifically said that “Mexican women are so hot, man, as long as you don’t mind the carpet below.” (in other words, Mexicanas are great for penis penetration, not so great for giving oral to. hooray.)

That’s all I got today, folks. That’s all I got.


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  2. Terrance

    Thanks for this link. Over the past few months you’ve shown this Skeptical Brotha a lot of luv and I just wanted to say how flattered and appreciative I am for it. After nearly a year of blogging, to be taken seriously as someone worthy of quoting is still a heady thing and puts me on cloud nine. To be quoted by someone of your stature is even more special. Thank you.

    Skeptical Brotha