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Democrats Tempting Faith?

If you’ve read my review of his book Tempting Faith, you know I tend to disagree with David Kuo on matters of faith. So, when Kuo and I actually agree on something related to religion, it’s worth noting. And this bit from his advice to Democrats on faith issues leapt out at me.

1. Abortion and homosexuality – deal with them. Pro-choice Democrats aren’t ever going to win over single issue pro-lifers. Fine. But there are scores of millions of evangelical voters who care about abortion and homosexuality but aren’t single issue voters. The Democrats need to give them a reason to take a second look. One way of doing that is by being morally and politically honest about abortion. If you are pro-choice say that but say just as clearly how you want to reduce the number of teen pregnancies and unwanted pregnancies in general. Talk about gay marriage in blunt terms. Make your case one way or another but don’t try to skirt around the issues by being cute. Don’t do the “I’m morally opposed but…” thing. It makes you look dishonest. Actually it IS dishonest.

To that I can only add a rare (for me) “Amen.” The problem Democrats are having right now is that they’re trying to have it both ways on these issues, because they think it’s the way to win votes in the short run, but they risk alienating core constituencies in the long run. Like I pointed out in a previous post (and others before it), the Democrats risk not only risk alienating their long-time constituencies, but also alienating the constituents they believe they have to deny, downplay or disguise their values in order to win over.

What’s worse they risk losing their own identity as a party. Well, not so much losing is giving it away.

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