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Gay News Watch

After posting about and the Afrosphere, I came across Chris Crain’s announcement about his new venture.

After leaving the Washington Blade and Window Media last fall, I spent a good deal of time thinking about what’s next step for media generally, and of course gay media in particular. I decided there was a real need for “one stop” that tailors news and views to each person.

The idea is by no means original to me, of course. If you want to know what stories have a “buzz” in the MSM, you go to Drudge Report. If you want to know what general-interest stories have a groundswell of interest on the Net, you go to Digg. But where’s a poor homosexual to head? You guessed it. Gay News Watch.

I went right over, checked it out, registered and started voting on stories. It’s kind of like Digg except gay-oriented, and very cool. I can see making this a regular stop for gay-related news. I wandered around, set up my profile and preferences, and spent some time exploring.

I did all this before I looked over at the sidebar and saw that Chris had been so kind as to include this blog on his blogroll. 😉 I’ve returned the favor, and added Gay News Watch,, and Afrosphere to the blogroll.

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