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Live Blogging the Candidates, And We’re Out

is it me, or would eliminating the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine have made a difference in the Whit House too? Know what I mean?

Now the New Orleans/Katrina question is a huge one. Of course there should be a guaranteed right to return, and of course the no-bid contracts to Republican/Bush cronies should stop, but no one

asking those of the candidates who are also members of Congress what they are doing about it. Or why they’re not doing anything about it as African American Political Pundit notes.

Who is watching the store? not Congress, not the Congressional Black Caucus, not Fox News, not the American people. Now do you really understand why the troops are no coming home?

It’s all about the money folks, its all about the money.

Meanwhile, Republicans are giddy over their “pick-up” opportunity in New Orleans.

On Darfur, definitely agree with everything said re: Africa. And if we get a Democrat in office can we finally do away with the “abstinence-only” debacle we’ve been exporting to Africa, which in its own way a kind of slow genocide? And once we “stop the rapes” can we also restore funding to the women’s clinics that offer care to women who end up with fistulas as a result of multiple rapes? The funding that the Bush administration cut?

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  1. I agree–not enough done. But Barack gets extra points in my book for making the point TWICE…about Darfur and about New Orleans. Can we do something about this BEFORE it becomes a problem? In Lake Tahoe, people were whisked out to their vacation homes before fires consumed their house and the biggest complaint is property value. In New Orleans, people were on their roofs! In Africa, a continent is ravaged and THEN they say lets do something? NO! We need to deal with symptoms early and catch things before crisis. Obama was the only one who said that tonight when it came to these issues. The others were there on education and poverty…but I think it’s a real distiction.

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