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Live Blogging the Candidates, Prologue

OK. So the debate hasn’t started yet. But I’m here in the media room with the rest of the bloggers, and we’re all sitting with with our laptop open, and this nice young lady from C-SPAN stops by our table.

“Hi, I’m (fill in an appropriate name for a young, blonde, twenty-something woman),” she says. “I with C-SPAN. And we’re looking for some fresh faces.”

Naturally, I put on my best “fresh face” smile, and she looks at the nameplate next to me and asks the typical Washington question.

“So, who are you with? Do you write for Progressive Black Journalists?”

“Oh, no,” I answered. “I write for my blog and a few others.”

“Oh,” she said as the began slowly edging away from our table. “You write for your blog…ummm.”

About that time a woman at another table rescued her from having to say “I’m looking for some real people, not bloggers.”

“Who are you looking for?” the woman at the grown-ups table asked.

And just like that, the C-SPAN woman was gone, in search of “fresh faces,” just not too fresh.

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  1. Hey T. I am so excited for you guys. I’ll be watching on PBS! Good luck