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Live Blogging the Candidates, Take Four

Now we’re on to HIV/AIDS, and I’m waiting to see if any of the candidates will mention the failure of “abstinence-only” and it’s devastating impact in Africa.

Oh. My. God. I guess I have to eat some of my previous words.

Obama actually said the word “homophobia” in his answer on HIV/AIDS, and the riffed for a minute on the metaphor that “we are infected” with a number of other things that make us susceptible to the epidemic. But he didn’t make the natural leap that we’re infected with homophobia. Black ministers are spreading it from the pulpit and that’s one of the reasons why it’s taken 25 years for the Black Baptist Convention to even mention HIV/AIDS.

But I guess I should be somewhat pleased that homophobia even came up at a forum on issues for the African American women.

Oh, and Hillary, it was gay communities that addressed the epidemic first, when nobody else in government cared. That was the Reagan era, and things did get better in the ’90s. Thank you.

Biden, you didn’t get tested for AIDS you got tested for HIV antibodies. Geez.

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