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Live Blogging the Candidates, Take Three

[Ed. Note: Updated once I realized that I had the wrong link for Richardson’s education issue page.] Richardson just gave an answer on education that has one major problem. He wants to “fix No Child Left Behind.” If by “fix” he means “take it out behind the barn and shoot it” or “turn it into something completely different and unrecognizable” then he might be on to something.

Of all the candidates, Kucinich is probably the only one I could whole heartedly support. If only he actually had a chance of winning.

Gravel actually made some sense when he pointed out how many scholarships could have been funded by the amount spend on the war in Iraq.

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  1. For more information on all of the Presidential Candidates for 2008 please visit 2008 Presidential Candidates or call our hotline at 1-888-VOTE-SMART.

  2. “Take it out behind the barn and shoot it.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!