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Caribou: Coffee But TMZ for Me?

This is strange. I know I probably shouldn't complain about free wifi (well, sort of free, since I bought a muffin and a bottled water to justify occupying a chair for a while) but I'm sitting here in Caribou Coffee, catching up on my blog reading, and happened to click on a link to a TMZ post only to find that the site is blocked on this wifi network. Now, I know it's their network and everything, but c'mon Caribou. If this were a school or a public library, I could understand. But if I'm enough of a big boy to quaff a cup of coffee, I'm probably enough of a grown-up to decide what sites I should and shouldn't access. And if there's somebody who might be offended they should probably either (a) mind their own business or (b) grow up. 

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