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A Catsle for the King of Pop?

If Michael Jackson is looking for new home, I've got one for him that's one of a kind and a good distance from my state (and my kid). Dracula's castle is for sale. I know Michael's money has been kinda funny lately, so the $135M price tag may be out of range, but Dracula's castle would be a great place to hide from an intervention.


  1. u shameless creature ,waste creature ,how dare u say that to the king of pop , fan forever
    love u

  2. terrance,if u want to stay in that dracula’s castle go and stay,its not for the royal king of pop,stupid.
    love u michael

  3. michael jackson lives in a big beautiful mansion,i think u deserve living in a dracula palace.

  4. mj will get a good and huge house,go search for u r dracula castle.try 2 understand why will michael live in that,michael is very rich he surely will find a beautiful home 4 him and his children.u r mad terrance u live in that dracula house,it is made just for u by the dracula’s to u dracula terrance.

  5. understand ,don’t u dare say anything wrong about michael.

  6. michael is the best u don’t say anything wrong 2 him,he also has heart and feelings,don’t u dare insult such great legendary u pallavi

  7. love u mj fan4ever from pallavi

  8. michael please come back ,i really miss ur music,u and ur dance.

  9. it is very good for hiding for u terrance and not for king of pop.michael lives in a palace and u live in a dracula dungeon mr.terrance.michael is the best accept it that’s a fact u can’t take it away from him,he earned it from his loving fans.