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A Little Light Housekeeping

Actually, more like complete renovation. I put off upgrading to the newest version of WordPress for as long as I could. Mostly because I finally had the blog looking and working pretty much the way I wanted it, and because I knew that upgrading would break my theme and any number of plugins, etc. But time and technology marches on, and sooner or later you realize it’s dragging you along behind it whether you like it or not.

So, when my host upgraded to what I think was new version of PHP, and my old version of WordPress and the WP-Cache plugin started acting loopy, I took a deep breath and started preparing to upgrade. My one problem was finding a theme that would be compatible with the new version of WordPress, and allow me to preserve at least some of the great look and feel Lauren created for the blog a while back.

Fortunately, I’d bookmarked a post from Mashable about 30 3-column WordPress themes. That’s where I found Mandingo, a terrific theme that let me incorporate the banner and background Lauren created. Not only is it a great theme, but according to the Showcase page now have something in common with Björk.

The site is pretty much the same, but there is one new addition. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to keep some posts from getting buried in the 1,000+ posts on this blog. (And that’s not counting the XXXX posts in the October 2003 – June 2006 archives.) Right now the Articles page is my attempt to give some of those posts a chance to see the light of day. (Thanks to the great work of Alex King, BTW.) That page will be updated as I unearth more posts to feature there. I’m also working on a way to showcase series of posts, but haven’t been successful with that yet.

I’ve also added a PayPal button to the sidebar. For now, donations will go to support research for the Hate Crimes on Wikipedia project, and will be used to pay for access to newspaper archives.

Hope folks like the new look, etc. Feedback is appreciated!

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  1. I prefer this new layout; it feels less crowded somehow. More importantly, it loads much more quickly than did the previous layout.