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Serial Blogging

Success! I can continue engage in serial blogging while making it easier to find series of posts, thanks to the Organize Series plugin. It’s a habit I fell into a while back, and I’ve given up trying to break myself of it. Try as I might, I can’t force my brain into the four-paragraph blog format. (Fortunately, according to some experts, that’s exactly what I shouldn’t do anwyay.)

I can’t It took a little while for to figure out how to get it working, but it’s paid off with a series category page. There you’ll find links to each series, along with descriptions of each series. I’m going back through the archives little by little and find posts that were written as series . But the best part isn’t the series page itself. Now, if a post is part of a series, you’ll know as soon as you look at it.

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Not bad, huh? I’ll be adding more to the series category, as I continue to go through the archives. If nothing else, it’ll make those posts easier for me to find when I (inevitably) reference them in future posts.

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