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Wow. People Actually Read This Blog.

I didn’t think anything of it at the time. As part of the upgrade and redesign of the blog, I finally got around to installing the Feedsmith plugin for Feedburner. Several people had advised me to install it before, but I put it off out of fear that I’d end up breaking something else in the process. Since the upgrade had the potential to break everything, I figured “What the hell?”, and installed it.

The plugin, BTW, basically reroutes your WordPress generated RSS feeds to your Feedburner feed. The result being a better quality feed for readers, and better statistics on how many people are actually reading the blog. Page views, after all, don’t tell the whole story. Neither do unique visits. If you’ve got a Feedburner feed and a WordPress feed, you don’t have an statistics on how many people are subscribing to your feed. And, well, they’re readers too.

I installed the plugin and forgot about it, until I noticed that post-upgrade my feed no longer carried full content, but just everything before the jump. I’d prefer a full content feed. So, I signed into Feedburner to see if the problem was here. Well, I found more than I bargained for. More readers that I didn’t know about until now.

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That’s a snapshot of the buttons near the bottom of the sidebar. I added the second Feedburner button when I saw that the number of RSS subscribers had jumped to 700 from hovering between 160 and 200. Even taking bots, etc., into consideration, that’s still more readers than I’d have guess were stopping by here.

You were there all along, and I had no idea. None. And wouldn’t have if I hadn’t installed that plugin. I got curious about just what how folks found their way here, and was kind of surprised by what I found out there too.

Picture 6.png

Half of you get here via Google Reader, iGoogle, or Bloglines.

Anyway, I’m still floored, and wondering if I need to raise my game somehow.

Oh, and it turns out that the new version of WordPress cuts off posts in your feed if you use the “more” tag. And, given the length of my posts, the “more” tag is a necessity. Hopefully the site loads more easily now, so visiting the blog to “read more” is less of a hassle.


  1. People Actually Read This Blog.

    You had doubts? Foolish…

  2. Do livejournal RSS feeds get counted in there? If not, I can tell you you have 6 readers via livejournal.

  3. I just started reading this week. Found you through a listing in a Buddhist blog directory. I’ll definitely be keeping tabs, you write lots and you write well.

  4. Hm, I read your blog (specially now that I am back from a great vacation!). Me!

    ps – GREAT redesign

  5. I started reading the other week, after your contribution to Rude Pundit on Poisonous Parenting. Making well-written and thoughtful entries tends to attract readers…

  6. Ditto what Mat said. It’s a good blog. What did you expect?