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Mac Blog Editors?

I’m thinking about switching to a different blog editor. I’ve gotten used to using a desktop editor, but I’m finding ecto to be a little quirky, though I’ve been using it for a long time. It does some weird things, and even weirder when I crosspost elsewhere, which means that I have to correct various rrors. On the other hand, I like some of its features, like the way it interacts with Amazon and iTunes. Plus, I’m not willing to go back to editing in the browser and I’m too lazy to code my own entries.

So, does anyone have any recommendations? I downloaded the ecto3 alpha, but of course it’s in alpha so it’s not quite ready for prime time yet. I’ve tried MarsEdit before, and found it alright. I downloaded Bleezer and was underwhelmed. I downloaded TextMate and was overwhelmed, and never got the Blogging Bundle to work. The BlogMate plugin, on the other hand worked pretty well. But thus far, nothing really jumped out at me as the right choice.

Anyone have any recommendations for a Mac blog editor?

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  1. Thanks for trying MarsEdit. Be sure to check back if you haven’t settled on something within a few weeks, we should have a 2.0 version of MarsEdit out by then!

  2. Terrance, I was just gonna recommend MarsEdit by Daniel… funny how he got to it first (Hi Daniel!) I’ve been using it since before it was separated out from NetNewsWire (about 2002) and am looking forward to 2.0 now that Daniel has acquired it and development has picked up.

  3. I don’t like ecto either. Where can I find MarsEdit?

  4. Never mind! I found it…