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How Do You Spell “Transgender”?

How come no spellcheck that I’m aware of knows how to spell “transgender”? It’s something that’s occurred to me more than a few times, as I’ve been researching and writing stories for the LGBT Hate Crimes Project. Every time I write some form of the word “transgender,” it gets flagged as misspelled. I’ve already added it to my dictionary, but c’mon. To whomever it is that creates these spellcheck dictionaries, can they please come with “transgender” already added? It’s 2007 already. People should know the term already.


  1. I had to open word and find out if my dictionary tells me it is misspelled. It doesn’t. Both transgender and transsexual are fine in my version of WORD. And transsexual (which is a word I really dislike because of it’s history of use) isn’t coming up in your comment box as being a misspelling. Which is nice, I guess.

    I agree, transgender needs to be added to the dictionary. All dictionaries.

  2. And never used.

    Can’t stand that word.

    Obviously there’s disagreement.

    But when we find out we can’t get our “sex” changed on documents, etc. anymore, but only our “gender”, I will remember.