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Name That Innendo

Too bad we don’t live in New Zealand. Because we’d get commercials like this, which crams in more sexual innuendoes than I knew existed (no, really, I had to look some of them up) but does it that’s TV-safe.

How many did you spot? I got these:

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And I’m not linking to any definitions. You can google ’em just like I had to do. (Also the Urban Dictionary is a good place to look them up as well.)

  • choking the chicken
  • spit roast
  • cream pie
  • tea bagging
  • head
  • 69
  • pocket pool
  • dirty sanchez
  • ron jeremy
  • man sandwich
  • rusty trombone

These I had to look up:

  • dirt track
  • space docking
  • beef curtains
  • dog in the bathtub
  • painter

And there were some that were totally lost on me, like the bit about his (apparently lost) watch, the bit about the pony, the name the bar, and I couldn’t make out what the guy said to the barmaid when he placed his order.

Still, I don’t think that commercial is much fun as this bit from short films on Logo. It’s a favorite in our house.

How many did you get that time?


  1. I think he ordered a hand shandy. I thought the tradesman entrance was funny also. I did have to look some up though.

  2. So, you missed space docking, which made me laugh my ass off when i saw it.

  3. You missed spanking the donkey.

    And actually, the ‘meat sandwich/man sandwich’ was a double DOUBLE entrende, as he was both being offered a meat sandwich while being part of a man sandwich.

    But then, I’m a kiwi 🙂

  4. I also spotted a Map of Tassie behind the pool table.

  5. Don’t forget donkey punch.

  6. The infamous Rusty Trombone

  7. Aw, man! I got only choking the chicken and 69 even though I was looking REALLY hard. Someone tell me know if “Sandblaster” has a meaning of which I’m unaware!

    Now I know why my husband smiles and says “”lusty, but demure.”

  8. What was the deal with the boar’s head with the sword in its mouth? That *had* to be an innuendo.