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Good Signs Make Good Neighbors?

They do as far as I’m concerned.

Yard Sign

I saw this one in a neighbor’s yard on the way out this morning. One of the things that’s make it a little easier to recover from last week has been to come home and be reminded how much support we have. We always knew we had good friends and good people in our lives. But it’s nice to be reminded.

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  1. It’s nice to see that you have supportive neighbors… My neighborhood, unfortunately, is full of conservative, right-wing, republican-voting people who don’t seem to care about gay family rights but their own. It kind of pisses me off every time I see a ginormous SUV driving past my subcompact still with a ’04 Bush Cheney sticker.

    Yeah, it’s hard to keep a positive attitude about life when there are so much bad new out there — every time I read about some gay bashing, new law against gay right, or unfavorable court decisions makes me wonder, whether there is any hope for the equality we all desperately seek.

  2. Hey Terrance!

    My CIVIL MARRIAGE IS A CIVIL RIGHT yardsign has survived a couple of months of battering by the mean streets of East Baltimore. I wish I could say it’s been battered by rain, but we haven’t been so lucky. My neighbors (a mix of races, socio-economic levels, ethnic communities, and orientations) have been tacitly supportive. I have even had the occasion to educate some of them on the issue (and, hopefully, thereby generate some supportive letters to Annapolis). The only holdout has been Alex, my cat, who from time to time feels compelled to knock down the second sign I have posted inside my living-room window. But I think he’s coming round….