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What A Fool Believes…

I know it’s bad form to make fun of religious folks, but it’s not illegal. Yet. So, pardon me if I have a chuckle over one Muslim cleric’s idea to rid Uganda of gays.

Uganda’s leading Muslim cleric has proposed to President Yoweri Museveni that gays be rounded up and marooned on an island in Lake Victoria until they die.

Sheikh Ramathan Shaban Mubajje told reporters of his plan following a much publicized meeting with Museveni.

“I asked President Museveni to get us an island on Lake Victoria and we take these homosexuals and they die out there,” Mubajje told a news conference.

“If they die there then we shall have no more homosexuals in the country.”

Mubajje gets no points for originality, that’s for sure. People have been talking about putting all the gay folks on an island forever. He gets no point for logic or rationality either. But he probably doesn’t want any since he’s not a man who relies on reason anyway.

But there are at least a couple of reasons why his idea won’t work.

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First of all, in about a year the same folks who were giving the homos a one way ticket to a deserted island would probably be begging them to come back. Just that long without the contributions gay folks make to the culture would do it. Certain industries would collapse altogether.

But there’s a second reason. Where do gay folks come from? Well, most of us are born from heterosexual parents. In fact, there may soon be even more evidence that it’s in the genes.

Julio and Mauricio Cabrera are gay brothers who are convinced their sexual orientation is as deeply rooted as their Mexican ancestry.

They are among 1,000 pairs of gay brothers taking part in the largest study to date seeking genes that may influence whether people are gay. The Cabreras hope the findings will help silence critics who say homosexuality is an immoral choice.

…The federally funded study, led by Chicago-area researchers, will rely on blood or saliva samples to help scientists search for genetic clues to the origins of homosexuality. Parents and straight brothers also are being recruited.

While initial results aren’t expected until next year — and won’t provide a final answer — skeptics are already attacking the methods and disputing the presumed results.

Previous studies have shown that sexual orientation tends to cluster in families, though that doesn’t prove genetics is involved. Extended families may share similar child-rearing practices, religion and other beliefs that could also influence sexual orientation.

…Dr. Alan Sanders of Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Research Institute, the lead researcher of the new study, said he suspects there isn’t one so-called “gay gene.”

It is more likely there are several genes that interact with nongenetic factors, including psychological and social influences, to determine sexual orientation, said Sanders, a psychiatrist.

So, it maybe a combination of a few genes, environmental factors, and any number of other things that will never be completely tracked down. That means on thing. You can ship all the queers off to an island, but you’d better make plans for a shuttle, because as long as heterosexuals keep churching out children, there’s going to be more of us in the bargain. And there isn’t much to be done about it.

So there will never be a time when Mubajje’ country, or any other country, is a “queer-free zone.” That’s why they have a back-up plan.

Anti-gay attacks are commonplace in Uganda but have been increasing since August when Ugandan LGBT rights groups for the first time held a public news conference to demand basic civil rights. (story) Many of the participants wore disguises out of fears of government reprisals.

A week later supporters of a coalition of Christian and Muslim religious groups filled a downtown stadium demanding mass arrests of gays.

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  1. I got a better idea Terence. Sod reason and rationality.

    Let’s put this cleric on an island all by himself, but leave him the company of red backs, funnel webs, tiapans, brown and red bellied black snakes.

    The only person who can save him is a gay guy, impervious to all these deadly critters, who will simply be too busy doing his hair, and watching re-runs of desperate housewives to want to stir to save this merciless and pitiful soul.