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Brown Bloggers Conference

You know you’ve arrived as a blogging demographic when you have your own conference. A while back, somebody asked me if I’d coined the phrase “Blogging While Brown.” Though I’ve written three posts with that title, I’m not sure I can take credit. After all, there’s every possibility somebody used that phrase before me. I can’t take credit for the Blogging While Brown Conference set for July 25 – 27, in Atlanta, GA. But if I’m still blogging by then (and I can’t think of why I wouldn’t be), I may try to make it. After all, it’s an excuse to visit Atlanta. Right. Now, if there were just a Blogging While Queer conference, along with a Blogging While Buddhist conference, a Blogging While Vegetarian conference, and a Blogging While Parenting conference (with on-site child care, of course) My dance card would be full up. 😉


  1. We WILL at least be meeting for dinner, right? 🙂

  2. I am excited that you are going to attend. I was the one that bugged you about the origin of the phrase. I was trying to track it down before naming the conference.

    I’ll see you tomorrow on the podcast. Thanks for coming on.