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Poisonous Parenting: McClurkin’s “Hurting Our Children” Mix

Donnie McClurkin, the anti-gay “ex-gay” bigot that Barrack Obama is keeping on his South Carolina tour, still think “gays are trying hurting our children.” [Via Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.]

McClurkin used his personal story to demonize the lgbt community as a whole. During an appearance on the 700 Club in 2003, he accused the lgbt community of wanting to harm children:

From GayWired:

McClurkin has accused gays of “trying to kill our children” and has called homosexuality “a curse”. The gospel singer who says he is a “reformed homosexual” in a 700 Club interview said he was ready to declare war on homosexuality.

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From Wayne Besen:

McClurkin, currently a senor pastor at Perfecting Faith in Freeport, N.Y., was particularly outspoken against New York’s funding of Harvey Milk, a gay high school in New York, suggesting that the school will lead to molestation of children.

“The gloves are off,” he said on the Sept. 23, 2003 episode of Rev. Pat Robertson’s 700 Club. “And if there’s going to be a war, there’s going to be a war. But it will be a war with a purpose. This is not a privately funded school. It is a public school funded by taxpayers’ money. Why isn’t anyone else speaking out? Everyone knows that everyone at the high school is homosexual. That makes for an easy target.

World Net Daily:

HRC condemns Mr. McClurkin . . . for the sin of publicly laying out the threat that the homosexual agenda poses to families and children

. . . But what really sticks in homosexual activists’ craw is Donnie McClurkin, who, they say, on “The 700 Club” “has accused gay Americans of trying to kill our children.” Mr. McClurkin, an accomplished gospel singer and author, overcame homosexuality himself.

What was that, Donnie? Killing children? Hurting children? I don’t know about anyone else, but the hubby and I are happy raising a son whose birthmother couldn’t raise him or give him the life she wanted him to have, and chose us to be his adoptive parents. This morning, I gave him his yogurt and orange juice for breakfast, helped him pick out some clothes for school today, zipped up his raincoat and gave him a hug and a kiss before he went out the door. Tomorrow, I’ll spend half the day with him and the rest of his class, on a field trip to a local pumpkin patch. Later this week, I’ll make a trip to the library and maybe make a sweet potato pie for him to take to school for “Share Your Culture Day” at school. This weekend, we’ll take him to a friend’s birthday party.

Killing children? Hurting children? Well, my son is very much alive and thriving, by just about every known standard for child development. So, how are we hurting him? Killing him? Probably just by being gay and being his parents.

But there’s a never-ending stream of stories about people who are much more successful at killing and harming children, and usually children they brought into the world.

Like heterosexual mom Johni Michelle Heuser, who apparently killed her daughter or found her dead, hid her body, and lead her husband — the father — to believe the baby was still alive, right up until he returned from Iraq.

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comThe body of an 11-month-old girl reported missing after her soldier father returned from a deployment in Iraq was found in the attic of her home, authorities said.

Harmony Jude Creech apparently had been dead for weeks, Harnett County Sheriff Larry Rollins said late Saturday night. Rollins said the child’s mother, Johni Michelle Heuser, told investigators she had found the baby dead in its crib and put the body in the attic of her home.

Neighbors said they had been bothered by a foul smell for several weeks and that the smell only subsided recently when overnight temperatures dropped. Several neighbors said they had searched their yards for dead animals because of the smell.

Harmony’s father, Ronald Earl Creech II, returned to North Carolina from a 15-month deployment in Iraq on Friday hoping to see his daughter. Harmony was born while he was overseas, police said.

Like heterosexual father Randall Alters, who beat his seven-week-old baby.

On Friday in La Salle County Circuit Court, an Earlville man pleaded guilty to repeatedly striking his 7-week-old baby son in the head.

Randall L. Aters, last listed at a mobile home park at 446 E. 1251st Road, pleaded guilty to aggravated battery to a child. In exchange for his plea, prosecutor Greg Sticka said he will not request more than 15 years in prison for the 28-year-old Aters. Circuit Judge H. Chris Ryan Jr. set sentencing for Friday, Nov. 30.

Ryan warned Aters he doesn’t have to go along with Sticka’s request and could sentence to as long as 30 years in prison. Regardless of the sentence, Aters will have to serve at least 85 percent of it.

Sticka said that on Nov. 8, the baby’s mother left the child with Aters for a few hours. Some time after returning, she noticed the baby’s head was swelling and was bruised. The baby’s condition worsened, so the baby was taken to a hospital where medical staff became suspicious.

Aters at first denied knowledge of how the injuries occurred, but then said he had been carrying the child, slipped and the child struck a countertop. However, while Earlville police were questioning him the same day, he admitted the baby’s crying annoyed him, so he punched the baby in the head more than once, fracturing his skull.

Like Valerie Kennedy, an apparently heterosexual mom who scalded her son for soiling his diaper.

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comValerie Kennedy was convicted of manslaughter for killing her young son by forcing him to sit in a tub of scalding water, refusing to let him out as he screamed and struggled.

A Broward jury on Monday found Kennedy, 32, guilty of aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse in the 2006 death of 3 ½-year-old Jaquez Mason.

…The trial was marked by gruesome photos of Jaquez’s burned body and testimony from Kennedy’s 9-year-old daughter, who blocked her mother from view as she described how “Ms. Kennedy burned him up.”

Jaquez died on Jan. 1, 2006, a week after he and several siblings spent Christmas with Kennedy at her Coral Springs apartment.

They lived in Deerfield Beach with their grandmother, Annie Williams, who had custody.

During the trial, Tate said Kennedy put her son in the scalding water because she was angry at him for soiling his diaper.

Kennedy’s daughter, Demerasia, told jurors her mother held Jaquez down by the shoulder and wouldn’t let him out, even though he cried, “It’s hot.”

”He struggled,” Tate told jurors in her closing arguments last week. “You see signs of that struggle all over his body.”

An expert for the state testified that it would have taken a minimum of 20 seconds for Jaquez to sustain the severe burns over nearly 70 percent of his body.

Heterosexual dad Tony Servizi allegedly shook his three week old baby so hard that the child, now five years old, remains blind and disabled.

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comThe Butler County prosecutor believes 23-year old Tony Servizi may also be responsible for shaking his own 3-week-old son so badly five years ago that the boy remains blind and disabled today.

Austin Keel is now 5.

When he was injured, Fairfield police said they suspected Servizi might have had something to do with it.

But, they said they never had enough evidence to charge him.

Since Servizi was charged earlier this month with child abuse in a Hamilton County case, Butler County is re-examining its evidence.

“I would love for my son to look at me and hug me and say, ‘I love you’,” Laura Keel said.

But that’s something Austin Keel will never be able to do.

“He can’t walk. He can’t talk. He can’t crawl. He can’t see,” Keel said.

Keel said she woke up one morning to find her son lethargic and very pale.

His condition got worse and he was rushed to the hospital.

“Then they diagnosed him with shaken baby syndrome and a skull fracture, and that’s when Tony ran from the hospital,” Keel said.

Servizi is Austin’s biological father.

And Servizi has been accused of hurting a child earlier this year.

Servizi is in the Hamilton County jail awaiting trial on charges he abused a 2-year-old girl earlier this year.

“I think there is a significant charge down there in Hamilton County that is strikingly similar,” Piper said.

In the Hamilton County case, Servizi is accused of shaking, stomping and beating his girlfriend’s daughter – for soiling her diaper – so severely she suffered a lacerated liver and severe facial and head bruising.

In the Butler County case, Servizi was one of five adults in the house when Austin Keel was injured – Laura Keel, his mother; Servizi; Servizi’s father and two adult relatives.

No charges were brought in that case because all of the Servizis got lawyers and refused to talk to Fairfield police.

Time and guilty consciences should lead to an arrest, Piper said.

They should, but then you have to consider that the father who raised Servizi is one of the witnesses who refused to talk to police. And you have to remember that the fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

It’s not always their own children they harm. Heterosexual mom Lisa Montgomery hurt a child — and killed its mother — when she tried to cut the child from its mother’s womb.

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comA woman whose attorneys had argued that she was delusional when she killed an expectant mother, cut the baby from her womb and took the infant home was found guilty Monday.

Jurors convicted Lisa Montgomery, 39, of kidnapping resulting in death in the 2004 attack on 23-year-old Bobbie Jo Stinnett in the northwest Missouri town of Skidmore.

… Montgomery had undergone a tubal ligation in 1990 after the birth of her fourth child. But soon after, she began falsely reporting a series of pregnancies. In 2004, she claimed to be due in mid-December.

Ketchmark said Montgomery believed her ex-husband, Carl Boman, would expose that she was lying about being pregnant and use it against her as he sought custody of two of the couple’s four children. A custody hearing had been set for January 2005.

Montgomery’s mother and sister also had been telling Montgomery’s husband and his parents that it was impossible for her to carry a child.

As Montgomery’s purported December 13, 2004, due date approached, she began conducting Internet searches on Stinnett and researching different aspects of childbirth. The defense portrayed those efforts as evidence that she believed she was pregnant; the prosecution called them proof of premeditation.

Prosecutors said Montgomery used a rope to choke Stinnett, who was eight months pregnant. But Stinnett was conscious and trying to defend herself as Montgomery used a kitchen knife to cut the baby girl from the womb, prosecutors said.

And just to show that I’m not claiming that gay parents are perfect angels compared to heterosexual parents, some of us are poisonous parents, like Monique Anita Eliot.

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comPolice say Monique Anita Elliot beat her eight-year-old girl and nine-year-old son all with help of her girlfriend Shatanna Williams.

Neighbors say they never suspected a thing.

Theresa Johnson said, “I would hear them cry sometimes like normal, and you would hear some yelling. You know, mothers will yell. But I never would have imagined she would have been beating on her kids.”

But on the afternoon of Aug. 15th, an ambulance and police showed up at the apartment. Neighbor Genie Goel remembers the whole thing.

“The little girl was on a stretcher and was on an oxygen mask and they had a neck collar on her neck,” Genie Goel said.

Two months later, that child is still in a coma.

An arrest warrant says the child suffered three strokes inside the apartment she called home after Elliott and Williams beat her with cords and belts. The two children were also forced to squat while holding phone books over their heads for a period of time and then do push ups.

A criminal complaint says the little girl was also choked. 911 wasn’t called until the next day.

The point isn’t that heterosexuals hurt children. The point isn’t that gay people hurt children. The point isn’t that being heterosexual automatically makes you a good or bad parent. The point isn’t that being gay automatically makes you a good or bad parent. The point isn’t that being heterosexual automatically makes you a good or bad person. It’s not that being gay automatically makes you a good or bad person.

The point is that we are equal, and that means having equal capacity for good and bad. Because we are equally human.


  1. Wow, you are so heterophobic. Your behind would not be here (that is, living on this Earth) if it were not for heterosexuals. Show some respect to your mother and father.

  2. My only argument with this post is the story about the woman who’s baby may have died from crib death and then she hid the baby. Post-partum can be awful and her husband was in Iraq so she had that stress too. I can’t judge her because her situation is awful and they don’t know how the baby died. If it was crib death and she did just hide the body so she could pretend everything was normal or because she went a little crazy with grief why should she be dragged in with those that willfully harm their children?

  3. AttorneyMom,

    I think he is trying to prove a point. When heterosexual parents hurt their children, people do not blame heterosexuals in general.

    Now if there is a case where children are in a same-sex household and they get harmed, you would have press releases and statements from OneNewsNow, Concerned Women for America, Focus on the Family, Americans for Truth, PFOX, Traditional Values Coalition, etc.

    And all of these groups would demonize all lgbts, many who are successfully raising their children, rather than the specific lgbts who did the harm.

  4. Attorneymom, read the fucking post. The writer is NOT heterophobic. He’s a very dedicated father raising a child, and people are saying that homosexuals kill and hurt children- he’s trying to make a point that one’s sexuality DOES NOT PREDISPOSE THEM TO hurting children. People that hurt children have problems, and it has nothing to do with whether they are straight or glbt.

    Read the damn article well and consider the context before leaving inane comments!

  5. Thanks, those who actually read the post. For my part, I’ll just point out two things. First, I included at the end a news item in which a same-sex couple abused their children, and did so in order to illustrate this point:

    The point isn’t that heterosexuals hurt children. The point isn’t that gay people hurt children. The point isn’t that being heterosexual automatically makes you a good or bad parent. The point isn’t that being gay automatically makes you a good or bad parent. The point isn’t that being heterosexual automatically makes you a good or bad person. It’s not that being gay automatically makes you a good or bad person.

    The point is that we are equal, and that means having equal capacity for good and bad. Because we are equally human.

  6. Terrance, like attorneymom said, I am so tired of you bashing us heteros. I mean, really. That call you made to strip us of our civil rights, your insult of all of our characters, it must end. Just because we don’t love the way you love, you don’t have to go out and bash every last one of us.

    Oh wait, you didn’t do any of that.


    Guess I’ll try reading comprehension next time! Guess I just don’t think very deeply…. 😉

  7. Bruce and Attorneymom, I would suggest a bit of perspective. Statistically, compared to amount of messages and verbal gay bashings from the Ex-gay and Christian conservative organizations including websites, blogs, flyers, and other printed literature, the hetero bashing from this website (if any at all) would be one voice against many. Could it be, that you are offended because the cases he’s posted here is actually facts?

    While the content of this posting may be very negative towards heterosexuals, focusing on all the bad things that heterosexuals have done, as Terrance have pointed out, it was not meant to bash, but to bring some perspective on the whole subject of the place of homosexuality in society. If you have a hard time with what is posted here, imagine for us homosexuals reading all the postings on websites, printed materials and other media of the religious conservative right, focusing only on the negative aspects of homosexuality — that’s not even including the factual inaccuracies, subtle deceptions, and flat out lies that is added, which is not done here on Terrance’s postings. So, again, the point is perspectives!

    How wonderful the way that mechanisms of self preservation works… In spite of all of the bad things that has happened, one focus one’s attention on the positive things to preserve one’s sanity, hope, and the will to keep on living. One point I extract from Terrance’s postings shares similar sentiments as that mechanisms of self preservation — in spite of all the bad things that heteros have done, are still doing to us (the homosexuals) and to society in general, that we still see them as basically good.

  8. Actually, Bruce’s comment was made with tongue firmly planted in cheek. That is, with a healthy dollop of sarcasm directed at “attorneymom” (whose lack of reading comprehension makes me wonder just what they’re teaching in law school these days and just where she managed to get a law degree without learning that important skill).

  9. In that case, my apologies, Bruce. I have a hard time with sarcasm both in conversation and in writing. Perhaps my comprehension is not as good as I pretend it to be. 😛

  10. Catty, thank you for that warm welcome to this blog. I do not care what you and your liberal friends think. A child deserves a mother and father. Period. There is something a man brings to the table. And there is something that a woman brings to the table. I think it is unfair to purposely rob a child of a mother and father.

    The main purpose of sex is pro-creation. The penis goes into the vagina. Not the behind, which is suppose to be an exit, not an entrance. (Sidebar: Some of you heterosexuals practice this type of dangerous kind of sex. And you want to know why we have HIV and AIDS)

    I am totally against gay marriages. That is like dry water. It is not possible. Selah.

  11. When are homosexuals going to stop bashing Christians??? Why don’t you go and mess with the Muslims??? They are also against homosexuality. I know. Muslims do not play. They will get medieval on your azzes.

  12. no muslim has ever gone medieval on me. for the most part, the muslims in America do not bother me or any of the gays i know.

    maybe if some folks who claim to be christian not believe that this country belongs to them and the rest of us are just passengers, there wouldn’t be any problems.

  13. attorneymom,

    a child DESERVES a good home and a home with a man and a woman is not always the perfect place due to the occupants

    also, i think when we start thinking of relationships in terms of sexual behavior, we start problems. that sort of thing leads to AIDS and HIV

    as does ignorance.

  14. Attorneymom, you’re free to believe what you want. I’m free to disagree with you.

    Nobody is forcing you to marry a woman or force you into single motherhood (although I suspect you’re pro-life and if you are, you’re for forcing single motherhood on people that may not want to be single mothers- but I’ve noticed logic is lost on you folks).

    You’ve got your life. Feel free to marry a man and procreate as much or as little as you like. feel free to engage in penis to vagina sex until you knock yourself out (or up, in your case). Feel free to forego blowjobs, handjobs and whatever else you find unsavory. Godspeed and god bless! What you do with your life- is your right.

    As for your obvious hatred at Muslims, think about it. If you have a fire right next door to yourself or a fire in another country, which do you tackle first. You must be incredibly dumb to think people should fly over to another country and fight the fire there rather than ignore the fire right next to their house. You guys are just jealous of Muslims for being straight-up about their homophobia. Playa haters.

  15. Attorneymom said:

    Why don’t you go and mess with the Muslims??? They are also against homosexuality….

    Ah, yes. Leave my religion (whose claiming to be holier than any) alone! It cannot bear the scrutiny of logic and perspectives — because it requires the presence of absolute blind faith and surrender of thought and reasoning. Nice one for the tactic of weapons of mass distraction.

    Why don’t we leave Christians alone? Because this country has been hijacked by conservative Christians who insist on taking our rights away. Because this country is run by politicians who play the Christian card to their advantage. And because when it says “In God We Trust” on the dollar bill, I’m pretty sure “God” is referring to the Christian God, not the Muslim God.

    Since the U.S. is run by Christians,

  16. I read Donnie McClurkin’s book and it didn’t say “homosexuals are trying to kill our children.” I don’t think this blog and the other ones like it which keeps promoting this statement is not fair to people, but then again, it would be fair if they choose to listen to hearsay instead of finding out for themselves.

    What he did say was children were coming to him about homosexuals wanting to have sex with them. To which he replied “I am not in the mood to play with THEM who are trying to kill our children. Them being child molesters, of which he was a victim of. Hopefully, you are not going to research children who commit crimes to do another 2 wrongs make it right theory.

    Just curious:

    How did you get to be a “father” if you are gay? I thought they compared being gay to being black. You’re born that way and that’s it. I don’t know too many black people that changed their color except for Michael Jackson. Any relation?

  17. Just curious:

    How did you get to be a “father” if you are gay? I thought they compared being gay to being black. You’re born that way and that’s it. I don’t know too many black people that changed their color except for Michael Jackson. Any relation?

    Just over five years ago, my husband and I adopted a four-day-old baby boy, whose birth mother chose us to be his adoptive parents because, in her words, she felt we would raise him with unconditional love and give him the best education. He is now a happy, healthy five year old who loves to run and climb and swim. He’s a smart kid who’s already reading, and surprises me at times by reading something I didn’t know he could read. He goes to the library every three week, and checks out books that we then read to him for the next three weeks. He’s a five year old boy who last week spontaneously jumped into my arms, gave me a hug, and said “Daddy, you’re the best,” and who has also declared that when he grows up he wants to live next door to his Daddy and Papa.

    We did not bring him in the world, but we are raising him, loving him, and equipping him to make his own way in the world and hopefully leaving it a better place for his having been in it. If not bringing him into the world makes me less of a father, what does bringing him into the world make the man who — having gotten him conceived — walked away from the rest of the job? One that we have happily, willingly taken on, and would do so again in a heartbeat? Is the bar for fatherhood now set no higher than ejaculation?

    I am black. I am gay. I am as black as I am gay, and as gay as I am black. I have been black for as long as I have been gay, and I have been gay for as long as I have been black. I have been both for as long as I have been a person in the world. The only way you or anyone else can claim to know differently is to have walked around in my skin for 38 years.

  18. all my love and support–great post T

  19. Attorneymom if FRIGHTENING–you are the LAW! eee gad on bias in the system–get an education chickee

  20. I just discovered your blog today, and am adding it to my blogroll right away. I have not read much yet, but I have to say that the final two paragraphs in your last comment gave me chills. I cannot wait to read more.

    I am very new to this journey – am 32 and have only started coming out 4 months ago. I have a husband and two beautiful daughters. It has been a pain-filled and difficult few months. The part about this that gives me the most peace is that I know now that my daughters will be raised to know in a most real sense that love is love is love.

    I would have tried to teach them this even if I had kept on denying myself, but now, by finally living my truth, they will experience this as a part of their reality. It won’t be because I will make a specific lesson of it but by entering this community, by hopefully one day finding a solid relationship with a woman, it will simply become a part of the fabric of their lives.

    I love my girls more than I could ever express. Knowing that I can raise them to know that they can be themselves and love whoever the heck they want to love regardless of colour or religion or orientation – that they will never know the pain of denying who they are….this feels like the biggest gift.

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