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What’s Up, Doc?

What’s up? Well, now we know. First Dumbledor, now this.

Only a week after the announcement that the character Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series is gay, the fictional world is again shocked with the revelation by Steven Blanc, son of voice artist Mel Blanc, that the perennial prankster “Bugs” Bunny of Looney Tunes cartoons is also gay. This announcement, while unexpected, give new and clearer meaning to many of the on-screen exchanges between the smart-aleck “wacky wabbit” and his put-upon nemesis, Elmer Fudd.

Bugs Bunny was in love with his male rival, Steven Blanc says.

The author of “Bugs and Elmer: A Forbidden Love,” stunned fans at the Academy of Motion Pictures annual Warner Brothers Looney Tunes Night, when he answered one young reader’s question about Bugs by saying that he was gay and had been in love with Elmer Fudd for years.

I wonder if the Fundies have heard about this yet, and if they’ve called the Cartoon Network yet. If not, somebody tell ’em, quick. It might keep them busy for a while

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  1. I cannot tell if Citizen of the Month is satire or the genuine article. Your source does not identify a link to Steven Blanc’s alleged book or article etc. Respectfully, I remain skeptical until the sources flesh out more. Had Bugs Bunny been “outed” it would be likely that a second source other than “Citizen of the Month” would have picked it up – and perhaps others (Yahoo, etc.) did. I have contacted the Academy of Motion Pictures publicity office to confirm the story, and await their response.

    Amazon does not know of such a book and the ‘Net yields no article link.

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s satire. That’s why I categorized it under “humor.”

  3. Holy Carrot Chopping, Batman! If Bugs is now out, what straight fictional hereos are left? Wonder Woman? Spiderman? Frodo Baggins? The gays are taking over pop culture!

  4. I think it’s high time we out a few other cartoon and comic book characters. Batman for one. Superman? Undoubtedly (He and Lex Luthor clearly have a thing going on). Not to mention Mighty Mouse, who is so clearly gay. And Tweety and Sylvester. And let’s not let Disney characters off the hook. The Seven Dwarves, anyone? And you have to wonder if Mickey Mouse’s refusal to marry Minnie is just a cover for his closeted lifestyle. The list is probably endless.

  5. Okay, I am only half-gullible since I thought to check it. Actually got an email back from AMP publicity. They have honored Mel Blanc but not recently.