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And the Nominees Are…

It’s that time of year again. If you haven’t noticed the new logo on the sidebar, the Weblog Awards are upon us again. And again this blog has been honored as a finalist for Best LGBT Blog, an honor shared with some amazing blogs.

The finalists are:

As always, it’s an honor included among such great company.

I won’t even try to campaign for votes, since I don’t think it’s likely this blog will win anyway. (I’d be amazed, given the who the other finalists are.) Instead I’ll take this opportunity to do two things: (1) encourage readers to check out the finalists and all the other nominated blogs, and (2) ask people which blogs they’d nominate, given the opportunity. Because if nothing else, awards like this ought to be an opportunity to introduce people to new blogs. Who knows? You might find a blog you love but haven’t noticed before.

So to those ends, I invite you to check out the other finalists as well as:

And, also to those ends, which LGBT blogs are missing that you would nominate?

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