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Well, it looks like Larry Flyntt and I have something in common (besides a belief in free speech, that is). We both support Dennis Kucinich.

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  1. Sadly, he’s terribly overrated in progressive circles. To quote Katha Pollitt, he had a pro-life record of “Henry Hyde proportions.” He got a 100% rating from the National Right to Life Association up until his first bid for the presidency — and it was only then that he flip flopped to become a pro-choicer.

    What’s even more disturbing is that he was one of six Congressmen who were on the floor when the Animal Rights Terrorist Act was passed. Ordinarily, that wouldn’t be too upsetting. However, it’s not really about animal rights — it’s about preventing effective divestment campaigns and using the label “terrorist” to eliminate that kind of social action. (Even though the civil disobedience penalties are prominent, my friends on the Hill tell me that was really only a secondary issue in the proponents’ minds.) Are animal rights activists relying on divestment campaigns? Not so much. And honestly, we don’t really have the numbers to do so anytime in the near future. However, by having the language in a codified statute, it enables courts to construe “terrorism” in novel, non-animal rights cases to include divestment campaigns. And that’s what keeps me up at night.

    Further, after many failed attempts to get the legislation, its sponsors lumped it in with non-controversial bills. And by “non-controversial” I mean stuff like “XYZ bridge in Pennsylvania should be renamed So-and-So Memorial Bridge. In these situations, if any Congressman present asks for a roll call, the bill has to go through the appropriate sub-committees and committees. Even though Kucinich was one of only six people there, he didn’t ask for a roll call.

    I’m sorry, but that’s the insidious type of D.C. B.S.

    More info: (Note: Even though this guy isn’t a lawyer, his legal analysis is dead-on.)