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Today Michigan, Tomorrow America?

First it was in our own back yard, now the hubby’s home-state — Michigan — has moved to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or expression, according to this email from The Triangle Foundation

Governor Jennifer Granholm has signed an executive directive banning discrimination in state employment based on “gender identity or expression.” The directive protects nearly 50,000 state employees in Michigan’s Executive branch, which encompasses 95% of all state employees.

The Directive will protect, not only transgender workers, but any state employee who faces discrimination because they do not conform to traditional gender norms in their behavior and/or appearance. This includes unfair treatment of state employees based on masculinity or femininity.
Triangle has been working for this important change since 2002.

We applaud Governor Granholm for her integrity and leadership in sending a message that discrimination will not be tolerated. With this move the Governor is setting an example for all employers that people should be judged by their ability to do the job. We can only hope that our national leaders, who are currently debating whether or not to protect transgender workers in federal law, will share our Governor’s vision.

We can hope, but indications are that it’s going to take a couple of decades for them to catch up to those who are actually leading on this issue.

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